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Slackware Linux for ARM

ARMedslack is the Official port of the Slackware® Linux distribution to the ARM architecture. Currently, the project focuses its efforts on supporting the ARM Versatile platform (emulated by QEMU) and the Marvell SheevaPlug.

ARMedslack packages are compiled for armv4, little endian, old ABI (a new port to EABI will also be undertaken at a later date). ARMedslack's packages will run many of the ARM devices in use today - most of the time all that is required to support an additional architecture is a Kernel and Linux boot loader.


If you would like to help with the project, please join the mailing list.


Downloading ARMedslack is best achieved using rsync:
mkdir armedslack
cd armedslack
rsync --exclude '*/source/*' --delete -Pavv .




Mailing list

Mailing list There is an ARMedslack mailing list. To subscribe, send an email to The body of the email should contain
subscribe armedslack

Current progress

Support for the Marvell SheevaPlug has just hit the FTP site! Please see The SheevaPlug installation guide for instructions to install Slackware onto your SheevaPlug. The rest of ARMedslack is at release candidate 4, and after feedback about the SheevaPlug support, I expect to release early at the end of May or 1st week of June.

Today I have got Slackware ARM is running on the Marvell SheevaPlug! I'm going to look at getting the installer working soon!


Updates almost ready to be uploaded!

And today Patrick Volkerding knighted ARMedslack as the official Slackware port to ARM!


The master is running again - thanks to Zen Internet for getting it back online.

I'm currently updating the KDE packages for Slackware 12.2 - there's not a lot left to bring ARMedslack up to Slackware 12.2!


The master has been moved to until our own server is fixed. Thanks to Darren Austin for hosting/mirroring the content.

Also I'm now back in gear upgrading packages so expect some updates next week!

15-Jan-2009 is dead - will try to fix it in a couple of weeks from now! Please use a mirror.

Mirror admins - if you were mirroring from, this is not the master - pleae contact me for details of the master server

Anyway, no updates for a few months anyway since I'm travelling - but I'll get to it once I'm back! :-)


It's been quite some time since the last update on the web site.

The plan is to release armedslack-current as ARMedslack-12.1 (port of Slackware 12.1) in its current form. I need to go through the documentation and bring it up to date and do a few more tests installations.

Today I have GPG signed all packages for armedslack-11.0 and armedslack-current with the new ARMedslack GPG key

After the release of ARMedslack 12.1, I plan to drop support for the RiscPC. This isn't something I wanted to do, but the maintenance for the Kernel drivers and so on simply isn't there and the interest in a port for the RiscPC is very minimal (at least I don't get many people emailing me about it), so I'd rather focus on providing support for ARM architectures that are maintained such as the ARM Versatile inside QEMU (and the Castle Iyonix, when a Linux 2.6 port appears!)