Campbeltown and Macrihanish Light Railway

About the Railway

The Campbeltown and Macrihanish Light Railway was a 2' 3" gauge line at the end of the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland. It had its origins as a coal carrier from the pits at Drumlemble to the quays at Campbeltown, but during the era of the Clyde steamers, Campbeltown became a very popular destination for day trippers and the railway capitalised on this by extending itself to Macrihanish offering access to the Atlantic Ocean and the local golf links! Its final length was about 6 miles.

The line originally opened for coal traffic in 1877, and for passenger traffic through to Macrihanish in 1906. It then led a relatively prosperous life until after the first world war, but succumbed to the inevitable road transport, closure of the pits and changing holiday patterns in 1931. It was independent throughout its existence.

The railway was interesting in that its coaches were enormous for such a small gauge, and that the early coal trains consisted of 2ft 3in gauge transporter wagons carrying 4 small colliery wagons known as "hutches", transversely.

Some of the elegant carriages lingered on into the 1960s as store-sheds. It is a shame that none were saved.

More information about the railway will be found in the books referenced below.

About the C&M Graphics

As with most of my work, this has evolved over the past couple of years. The original dating from July 2001.

The graphics file contains almost all the stock from the C&M. Eventually I might work it up into a module, but so far the C&M's main Hall Street Terminus has defeated me!

I've included a sample script file (CaM.r32) which can be used either to work out how to get the trains running or it can be invoked as is. To do this, put it into your main Railway 32 directory with the stock in a "CaM" sub-directory below it. And then put the following at the end of either the Narrow Gauge or Custom scenes file, and the trains should run, albeit across a 'blank' screen:

[Campbeltown and Macrihanish] 50 10
Include CaM.r32

About the Bitmaps

The locomotives and stock are all drawn to a scale of 5 pixels to the foot, from scale drawings.

256 colour bitmaps are used, generated on a machine with 16-bit colour resolution. Also, I've attempted to 'tint' the windows, the mask files are consequently 16 colour bitmaps.

To get the best out of this module you really need at least an 800x600 monitor, though 1024x768 is preferable.


The following publications were useful in the preparation of these graphics:

Campbeltown and Macrihanish Downloads

The following download is available:





Graphics File




Rolling Stock






Passenger Stock:

There were 5 Third Class coaches and 1 with Luggage Accommodation:

Brake Third


Goods Stock:

 Colliery Hutch Carrier, with Hutches  3 Ton Coal Wagon
4 Ton Coal Wagon
Brake Van


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