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Freedom Fellowship

The Foundations of Freedom Fellowship is a year-long academic fellowship that provides talented high school students with the opportunity to academically engage the ideas behind liberty and prepare for their college ambitions. Each Fellow is assigned an advisor who specializes in their subject of study (e.g. a college professor or public policy expert).

The Fellowship involves three principle activities:

  1. Reading List- Each fellow is assigned a year-long reading list that provides a sampling of major intellectual works related to their subject of study
  2. Senior Thesis- The Fellowship’s final product is a senior thesis on a topic related to liberty in the fellow’s field of study.
  3. College Preparation- Each fellow will have the opportunity to discuss their college aspirations with current college students and have their college application materials reviewed by college students with experience in the application process.

2009-2010 Fellows

Daniel Cuervo

Bio: Daniel Cuervo is a junior at School of the Woods in Houston, TX. During his freshman year he was introduced to the ideas of liberty and the foundations of a free society, through Lincoln-Douglas debate. With a desire to further explore these ideas, he attended Freedom 101 at the Foundation for Economic Education, and has read multiple works on Austrian economics.  He is a founding member of LOGOS, a study group devoted to understanding Euclid’s Elements.  He also participates in the high school philosophy club, a student-run readings group on economics, and a weekly colloquium on Classical Liberalism at the University of Houston.

Areas of Interest: Economics, History, Education

Daniel on the Foundations of Freedom Fellowship: “Through learning about the ideas on liberty, I have discovered something meaningful that I care about, and something significant to which I want do dedicate my creative energy.  I see the fellowship as an important part of this effort.  I feel honored to have this opportunity to learn and teach others about the  ideas that will lead to a peaceful and free society, and which will help prepare me to contribute to the world of Ideas that is shaping our future.”

Dorian Gomberg

Bio: Dorian Electra Fridkin Gomberg is a junior at School of The Woods Montessori in Houston, Texas. She was first introduced to the ideas of liberty in the ninth grade, when she joined her school’s Lincoln-Douglas debate team. Dorian is the founder and president of “Afternoon Economics,” a student run club dedicated to understanding the principles of free market economics and applying them to issues, both current and historical. The club was founded with the intent of reaching out to younger students who have not yet had the opportunity to study economics in the classroom, as well as those who wish to continue their study outside the classroom. She is also a knight of the “Dynamist Round Table,” a weekly colloquium that focuses on Austrian economics and classical liberal ideas.

Areas of Interest: Austrian Economics, Philosophy

Dorian on the Foundations of Freedom Fellowship: “I wish to study the intellectual foundations of freedom because I believe that these ideas can inspire people to act peacefully, constructively, and in ways that will further the cause of freedom. It is my goal to cultivate and to help others cultivate a truer understanding of liberty and the benefits of a free society, so that we may be able to preserve and enjoy these benefits for ages to come.”

Jacob Arluck

Bio: Jacob Arluck is a rising senior at Minisink Valley High School in Slate Hill, NY. He is a strong believer in the philosophy of limited government, individual freedom and personal responsibility laid out in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Much of Jacob’s interest in liberty stems from his deeply-rooted love of history, which led him to read great works by great thinkers in literature, politics, economics, philosophy, and history. He is an Eagle Scout, a Gold Key recipient in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, a 1st (2008) and 4th (2009) Place winner in the Emerging Business Issues event at New York state competitions of Future Business Leaders of America, and active in his school’s National Honor Society, Lacrosse Team, and Literary Magazine.

Areas of Interest: Economics, Philosophy, History

Jacob on the Foundations of Freedom Fellowship: “Given the current rise of statism, individual freedom and responsibility have eroded drastically. In favor of fundamental American political values of limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility, I seek to play a role in rekindling these values. The Foundations of Freedom Fellowship is a first step towards assuming such a role–– and thus, also a first step in the direction of increased individual liberty and the prosperity it inevitably carries along with it.”