POWERVR Graphics

VGX150 IP Core

Imagination Technologies' POWERVR™ VGX150 Vector Graphics IP Core is the first in a family of OpenVG 1.1 and OpenWF compliant graphics acceleration IP cores that meet the multimedia requirements of next-generation highly integrated applications processors where vector graphics performance and quality is a priority.

The POWERVR VGX architecture aims to provide native acceleration of the OpenVG 1.1 API, offloading graphics processing from the CPU to deliver high-performance acceleration for Adobe Flash™, Flash Lite™ or SVG content and native OpenVG applications including graphical user interfaces, browsers and navigation.

VGX supports advanced compositing, as enabled through the OpenWF API, including efficient compositing of YUV planes from video accelerator IP cores (e.g. POWERVR VXD Series) with graphics planes (OpenGL ES/OpenVG) from graphics IP cores (e.g. POWERVR SGX).

  • Tile-based deferred rendering (TBDR) architecture with native support for Bézier curves
  • Programmable geometry processor and blend unit
  • High quality, Flash compatible anti-aliasing
  • Support for OpenVG 1.1 and OpenWF composition
  • Enables accelerated Flash Lite 3, Flash 7 and SVG content
  • Support for Linux, Symbian, and WinCE
  • Acceleration of Flash and SVG playback by accelerating OpenVG 1.1 API natively
  • Programmable architecture enables support of evolving and future standards including OpenWF
  • Lowest power consumption and silicon footprint
  • Low host CPU and memory system load
  • Low bandwidth and SoC friendly through on-chip processing

OpenVG Demo
OpenVG Demo
Demonstrates an OpenVG Graphical User Interface, Navigation, SVG Clip-art, Flash-like Animation and 2D Gaming.

Sea Shells Demo
Sea Shells Demo
The SeaShells demo shows a collection of animated complex shapes combined with gradients in a tunnel-like concept.

Jungle Demo
Jungle Demo
Technology Demonstration showing the Industry Standard Tiger Object in a complex environment.