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Dennis Cramer

Email address:

Home Page:

Born: 3/22/66

Hometown: Akron, Ohio, cause it's cheap!

Notes: I am most proud of my adult fairy tale "Mara." I began the project twelve years ago as a comic book but have recently moved on to creating my Mara books as lavishly illustrated prose. Mara is difficult to describe, imagine if Disney had collaborated with De Sade! I am quite pleased that Mara's most hardcore fans are women! It shows that my heart is in the right place with the project. There are three Mara collections available now, and a fourth on the way. To see more, go to my website and check into the "Fascination" entry. I always felt cheated by the "erotica" and "exploitation" I read or watched, and decided it was high time somebody did it right... check it out. Warning: Mara is not for the squeamish or the easily offended.

Roleplaying Game Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Arms and Equipment Guide (Dungeons & Dragons) (2003) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Dragonlance Campaign Setting (2003) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Fiend Folio (Dungeons & Dragons) (2003) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Ghostwalk (Dungeons & Dragons) (2003) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Races of Faer�n (Forgotten Realms) (2003) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Savage Species (Dungeons & Dragons) (2003) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Deities and Demigods (Dungeons & Dragons) (2002) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual II (2002) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Masters of the Wild (Dungeons & Dragons) (2002) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Defenders of the Faith (Dungeons & Dragons) (2001) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Heart of Nightfang Spire (Dungeons & Dragons) (2001) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Speaker in Dreams, The (Dungeons & Dragons) (2001) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Standing Stone, The (Dungeons & Dragons) (2001) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Sword and Fist (Dungeons & Dragons) (2001) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Apocalypse Stone, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (2000) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteer (2000) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Forge of Fury, The (Dungeons & Dragons) (2000) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Hero Builder's Guidebook (Dungeons & Dragons) (2000) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Reverse Dungeon (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (2000) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Sunless Citadel, The (Dungeons & Dragons) (2000) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Swashbuckler's Handbook, The (Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade) (2000) White Wolf Interior Artist
Dungeons of Despair (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1999) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Wand of Archeal (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1999) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Road to Danger (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1998) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Player's Option: Spells & Magic (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1996) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Cleric's Challenge II (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Cleric's Challenge II (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1995) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Magazine Article Credits:
Article Credit
"Abuse Your Illusions" in Dragon #291 (Jan 2002) Interior Artist
"Arcane Lore: Rune-Skulls of the Abbor-Alz" in Dragon #292 (Feb 2002) Interior Artist
"Bazaar of the Bizarre: Hoard of the Howling Wyrm" in Dragon #284 (Jun 2001) Interior Artist
"Class Acts: Eldritch Master" in Dragon #280 (Feb 2001) Interior Artist
"Creature Codex: Nothing to Fear" in Dragon Annual #5 (2000) Interior Artist
"Creature Codex: The Ecology of the Purple Worm" in Dragon #282 (Apr 2001) Interior Artist
"Deities & Demigods Excerpt" in Game Trade Magazine #25 (Mar 2002) Interior Artist
"Ecology of the Darkmantle, The" in Dragon #275 (Sep 2000) Interior Artist
"Ecology of the Sheet Phantom, The" in Dragon #276 (Oct 2000) Interior Artist
"Gorgoldand's Gauntlet" in Dragon Annual #5 (2000) Interior Artist
"Honor and Eta" in Dungeon #89 (Nov/Dec 2001) Interior Artist
"Honor and Eta" in Dungeon #89 (Nov/Dec 2001) Cartographer
"Mysterious Ways" in Dungeon #86 (May/Jun 2001) Interior Artist
"PC Portraits" in Dragon #283 (May 2001) Interior Artist
"Ramming Speed" in Dragon #294 (Apr 2002) Interior Artist
"Rogues Gallery: City of Ravens" in Dragon #278 (Dec 2000) Interior Artist
"Rogues Gallery: The Heroes of Shadow's Witness" in Dragon #277 (Nov 2000) Interior Artist
"Special Ops: The Charlatan" in Star Wars Gamer #5 (Aug/Sep 2001) Interior Artist
"Special Ops: The Dilettante" in Star Wars Gamer #7 (Dec 2001/Jan 2002) Interior Artist
"University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Priapulin" in Star Wars Gamer #8 (Feb/Mar 2002) Interior Artist
"Walk & Riddle: The Secret Life of Halflings" in Dragon #285 (Jul 2001) Interior Artist
"World of Shannara: Creatures of the Four Lands" in Dragon #286 (Aug 2001) Interior Artist

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madteuton (Jul 10, 2003 - 1:19 AM CDT):
I can only imagine that D. Cramer has embarassing pics of someone at WoTC stashed away in a safety deposit box somewhere. He consistently underwhelms, and I can only shake my head in puzzlement that his work is given so much exposure, while so many talented artists go unrecognized.

GalStigh: (Feb 7, 2004 - 9:28 PM CST)
Dennis does wonderful artwork in my opinion. It's creative, and orgional, and you can't help but to enjoy it. As I've had a chance to meet him in person, and see his work close up, I'll continue by saying his work is detailed and worth having and him and his wife both are exceptional people.

jedimasterrobw: (Mar 1, 2004 - 2:41 PM CST)
I've had the honor of meeting 'Crabapple' (formerlly D. Cramer) and I can tell ya he is a nice guy. He's also said to me that if you really enjoyed his work to send a letter or email to WOTC and/or the art producers and let them know you like his work. That way we can keep him eating. :) (Bragging rights) My fiance' and I grabbed an autographed SELKIE from the fiend folio (Water colored by the artist) and a free-worked water color of a dragons profile..again auto'd heh. Send those letters-emails if you really enjoy his work.

Comments, suggestions, and submissions can be sent to Bobby Hitt.