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The New Tokyo Marui AEG: MP5 Japanese Police/Military Version
Recon on 13th of May, 2004, 2140 hours
Subject: New release
Location:  Japan

The new Tokyo Marui AEG: MP5 Japanese Police/Military Version

With recent transformation of world situation and change in security threats that Japan is facing there has been need for Japan to develop its Special Operations capabilities. Efforts have been made with establishment of new Special Forces units such as SEAL-type maritime Special Guard (SBU) that is reputedly modeled after the British Special Boat Squadron (SBS).

Most famous of the Japanese units is the Special Assault Team (SAT), which members are recruited from Ground-Self-Defense-Force (GSDF) Airborne Rangers and selected unit members are reported to receive additional training in overseas with German GSG9 and British SAS. SAT is specialized in hostage rescue and anti-terrorist operations and falls under law enforcement control.

It is known that SAT’s choice of weapon is the Heckler & Koch MP5-series of which H&K MP5A4, H&K MP5A5, H&K MP5 SD4 and H&K MP5 SD6 are being actively employed. Other Japanese special forces that are directly under military administration (like SBU) are relying heavily on the domestic Type 89 5.56mm assault rifle and its variations with main sidearm being the SIG P226 series.

Japan’s Special Operations units have been often featured in recent Japanese publications given the number of terrorist threats Japan has received. For once general interest towards domestic Special Forces seems to be on the rise (previously foreign special forces have been regarded the most interesting). For many airsofters it is probably disappointing to hear that Tokyo Marui is launching MP5 that interests mostly only domestic players. However, given the circumstances it is understandable that Marui is responding to new and increasing interest towards Japanese Special Forces units.

RR recently confirmed that the new Marui AEG is indeed MP5 Japanese Police/Military Version. Tokyo Marui itself referred the MP5 being military version, but it is more probably modelled after the SAT's MP5-JP version. Compared to the previous Marui MP5-range the real steel Japan versions of Heckler & Koch MP5 have superficial differences in muzzle flash hider, fire selector, stock and stock attachment.

You can see the differences more clearly in image below.

3D model of the real MP5-JP

Note the PDW-type flash hider, low mount base, trigger group and F-type stock.

More details to follow.

SAT images courtesy of ZERO: Option
MP5-JP image courtesy of Hino denno koubou

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