NatCons 49 and 50

by Adam on June 9, 2009

With the WorldCon happening in 2010, the NatCon will be somewhat on the small side - I’m told that DudCon 3, as it is known, will consist of a business meeting, the Ditmar Awards, and possibly a BBQ, and will be held as part of WorldCon. After that, the NatCon moves to Perth for SwanCon 36. The SwanCons have a reputation for excellence and it should be a wonderful event.


by Adam on

We’ve updated the Ditmar Awards page to show the list of winners. Congratulations to all of the winners, as well as Rosaleen Love, who was given the A. Bertram Chandler Award, and especially local Sean Williams, this year’s winner of the Peter McNamara Award.

Haighs Chocolate Factory

by Adam on June 3, 2009

We’re in Adelaide. We have chocolate. Thus we’re running two free tours to the Haighs Chocolate Factory, at 11:00 am and 1:30 pm on Friday, June 5. Places are limited, so contact to reserve a place.

  • The 11:30 tour will depart from the hotel at 11:00, under the guidance of Roman. Alternatively you can meet at the chocolate factory on Greenhill Road at 11:25.
  • The 1:30 tour will depart from the hotel at 1:00, under the guidance of Kathryn. Alternatively you can meet at the chocolate factory on Greenhill Road at 1:25.

Events and Workshops

by Adam on June 2, 2009

Quick news: there’s still places left in the Education Workshop and Winery Tours that we’re looking to fill. The Education Workshop is your chance to spend three hours (with bonus show bags) with Julie Czerneda looking at how SF can be used to improve science education in classrooms - if you’re involved in education, this is going to be a lot of fun and extremely valuable. On the winery front, while the bus is mostly booked, Kathryn reports that there are some places left to be filled. Thus if you would like a fun-filled tour of the McLaren Vale wineries (including Hugo’s!) for just $66 (including lunch) just let us know. The bus will be leaving from the hotel at 9:30 on Thursday.

Fan Guests of Honour - Steve and Catherine Scholz

by Adam on May 31, 2009

img_4062Star Wars Crossed Lovers.

We like Star Wars. That’s how it all started.

We almost met at the premiere of Return of the Jedi. Catherine was Leia, Steve was Luke, we met mutual friends there, but not each other. It was another two years before we met properly, at a V fan club meeting (V for lizards, not vendettas - Ed.) Our first night out together was for the charity preview of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, we were both both in costume. We were rapt to meet the stuntman Guest of Honour, but discovered later that he hated us because our costumes were far superior to his.

From 1985 onwards it was a plethora of conventions, previews, fanzines, costumes, parties, artwork, displays and films. Costumes included Star Trek (many times) as Klingon partners in crime, Star Wars (many many times) as matching Jedi, and various others.

Steve’s moments of glory include falling off the stage at Vampiricon during the masquerade, neglecting to turn up as a judge for a masquerade at Trekcon, and inviting most of the population of Balaklava to his 21st to witness the Batley Women’s Institute re-enactment of Nazi War Atrocities. In spite of all this, Catherine still married him, with a second ceremony held in costume as Han and Leia at a StarWalking convention.

1992 witnessed the greatest media convention of all time; HongCon, where along with some guy named Martin, Steve won numerous ASFMA awards for Steve and Martin’s Excellent Fanzine.

Steve and Catherine’s attempts to rule the universe have, thus far, been foiled repeatedly, because they usually involve large papier mache weapons of destruction and eating chips. A monument to this currently stands in their backyard in the form of a 20 foot high Martian fighting machine - from all reports they get along quite well with their neighbours.

They remain at large. Stay off the roads!

The works of Steve and Catherine can currently be seen on display at the Marion Megaplex cinemas, as well as the local Video Ezy store, where they have continued to create amazing and award winning in-store displays for the past 10 years or more.

Programme RC1

by Adam on May 25, 2009

Release Candidate 1 of the programme is now available. Suggestions, proposals, volunteers and comments will be much appreciated.