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August 24, 2006
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Don't fret, the channel WILL remain a variety channel, chock-full of the funnies, and URGENT APB's, however, there will soon enough be a noticeable change in format.
WHEN you do notice, feel free to get the word out if you like what you see, or know someone who would!

Stay cool, y'all!
About Me: If you're subbed here, or in for something different, please visit my vlog channel for something completely different! Thanks! Here ya go! ;) ger

I'm an animated, charismatically boring individual. In-other-words, I yell at quarterbacks and newscasters behind a plate of glass, from the comfort of a big soft couch, without spilling my drink.

Unfiltered and unplugged, when something needs saying, it is said.

I don't tow party lines. I am loyal to friendships, not imaginary borders drawn by old men with hair plugs and red ties.
However, I AM a right leaning Libertarian/Constitutionalist.

I have NO video's of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Haliburton or big oil. ANY mention of the current administration or any of the above as an argument for Obama or against John McCain or Sarah Palin will get you BLOCKED from this channel. Simple as that. I am not here to argue with jackasses or play political blues clues with absolute fucking morons.

Now that that's out of the way...

My sense of humor is fueled by sarcasm, at times laced with cryptic yum-yums. (if it doesn't make sense... it makes perfect sense).

I may offend you with my opinion(s), or even facts. Get over it. That's your bag, not mine. Carry it yourself.

Likes: Carbon based life-forms, and full scale model trains.

Dislikes: Hmm. I can't think of anything good to say about Nickleback, sweet pickles, or cancer I guess. I'll think of a conspiracy theory that links the three together some other time.

I'm a German-Yugoslavian-Polish-Fren ch-Gypsy-Jew(ethnicity, not religion), so needless to say, I have a bit of a sense of humor when it comes to topics of race and nationality. C'mon, read that again. In theory, I should be my own worst enemy.

Moving right along... you'll find a variety of subjects in my collection. News close to home or my heart, good funnies, or me just pointing the camera around the house or city.
I'll be making more personal appearances on cam, when I feel like flappin' my crap trap. A LOT more.

I now carry a camera with me at all times when I'm out and about. I've found that Phoenix is a great place to expect the unexpected.
United States
A ten year old, a Pit-Rottie, and two Pomeranian's. What's a hobby? I'm a news hound, a karaoke freak, and a net junkie when I can find the time. Nothing beats a back yard full of sunshine though.
Dark comedies, road movies. Action's are ok, IF they aren't scripted on cheesy ass one liners. Lame horrors can be a guilty pleasure.
Very eclectic. From Leon Redbone, to Primus. Nothing cookie cutter. I can rock out with the best of 'em, or just chill to a lil' Bob Dylan, John Prine, Lucinda Williams, or Mary Gauthier.
Man, The Puppet - Abram Lipsky and The Constitution of the United States of America 'Nuff said.
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WindHarps (1 week ago)
Thanks for the 5* support of Bob Dylan: Ring Them Bells (+ Jesus Christ +)
anthony6661 (1 week ago)
thekinghellreport (1 month ago)
Just wanted to say:
bdsj96 (1 month ago)
jettercat i hate to say it but the new world order is coming soon in 2012! but, be really and be safe!
brunoscarface (2 months ago)
Fantastic videos!!
MilitaryTacticalGear (2 months ago)
ode to the lost warrior spirit who knew fighting not as a game, but as a means to preserve freedom.

The globalists and NWO minions will learn as those before them who attempted world domination that good will eventually retake what is ours.

Death to the NEW World Order, Long Live the Republic.

Sons of Liberty its time!
LisaSpeaksForYou (3 months ago)
TheTrueNoise (3 months ago)
Thank'u very much for your comment on my video !!!

See the rest of them on my channel and tell-me what u think about.

God Bless You !!!

evilbrainproductions (5 months ago)
Thanks for sub JC :)
sawfilm (5 months ago)
Happy Obama Administration to all devils out there!!!!!
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