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Arctic Monkeys announce new album title

Pic: Tom Oxley

Pic: Tom Oxley

Album set for August release is named

Arctic Monkeys have revealed that their forthcoming new album will be titled 'Humbug'.

The album, produced by James Ford and Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme, will be released on August 24.

The weekend after the release the Sheffield band will headline the Reading And Leeds Festivals (Reading on August 29, Leeds on August 28).

The tracklisting of 'Humbug' will be:

'My Propeller'
'Crying Lightning'
'Dangerous Animals'
'Secret Door'
'Potion Approaching'
'Fire And The Thud'
'Dance Little Liar'
'Pretty Visitors'
'The Jeweller's Hands'

See the new issue of NME, out tomorrow (June 10), for a new interview with the band about the album.

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Brock C 

Jun 9, 2009

*shakes head disapprovingly*


Jun 9, 2009

what a shite name for an album. mind you theyv never been good at naming songs or albums. I bet the albums amazing tho


Jun 9, 2009

Sounds like a shit name. But then again, i thought Favourite Worst Nightmare sounding like a crap name, but now i think it's quality. The album will no doubt be incredible if Crying Lightning's anything to go by


Jun 9, 2009

Sounds incredible in a Sheffield accent


Jun 9, 2009

Haha , what a crap name lol. favourite worst nightmare is a quality name , and Whatever.. is so long that it takes ages to write and say , and is hard to remember ! so far from clips , i think the album sounds amazing , i want to pre order it ! where is go kart though ????


Jun 9, 2009

Its abit of a disappointing name but the album will be amazing. can't wait.


Jun 9, 2009

Who gives a shit wot it's called and how bad a name it is, the band's name is shite and got laughed off and they turned out to be fuckin excellent and now nobody cares. I'll reserve my judgement for what the music is like...

Franky Hoon 

Jun 9, 2009

That's probably the shittiest album name ever. I am terribly disappointed. let's see what music has to offer now.


Jun 9, 2009

Humbug: hm, sounds (or even smells) like Scotch Egg. But it's funny (I guess). Although I think they've over-rhymed the 'Potion Approaching' part.


Jun 10, 2009

I love the album title, very tongue-in-cheek and has a lot of distinctly English character


Jun 10, 2009

Well, folks and critics, take a look at your own names that you're using. Case closed, eh? It suddenly makes perfect sense to me - Humbug, or Don't Believe the Hype - a 'slogan' that Monkeys were using at the very beginning. The bigger they are the more they want to be sardonic and... silly about themselves.


Jun 10, 2009

ffs they called themselves Arctic Monkeys you're really don't expect them to come up with good album titles, do you?


Jun 10, 2009

Even worse, I read 'The Fire and The Turd', I thought they had met a new low! Great band, over thought song titles maybe?!

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