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European Tour Remixes

Posted under Blog, Music on June 3, 2009

The following tracks were remixed for Britney's European tour dates:

Baby One More Time
Do Something
Piece of Me
Ooh Ooh Baby

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June 3, 2009 8:32 PM

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  1. Lucy said:
    30 minutes ago

    My fav in London was baby one more time! would love to get a version of it! :)

  1. Ross said:
    1 day ago

    Can you guys post links to download the studio versions of the new remixes from the tour??
    I really want the studio versions of the tour mixes from the U.S. leg of the tour too! Some fanmade remixes are just not the same...

  1. vilma said:
    1 day ago

    hi britney how are you.i like your song so much.i love you one more time. im watching you on live from las vegas i like them so much.god bless you for your hard work

  1. michelle short said:
    1 day ago

    was at the 02 arena last nght as i am a massive britney fan , show was fab just wish there were big screens so we could see better :( x x

  1. ces said:
    1 day ago

    i love th remixes that you have made no wonder you are the pop princess.......

  1. Jan Daidrich said:
    1 day ago

    I'd love to get them on CD!


  1. Jodie said:
    1 day ago

    What time did Britney come on stage, and what time does it finish? Thanks =)

  1. Robert said:
    1 day ago

    Cannot wait!!! I'm seeing Britney on 17th June in Manchester, UK so looking forward to seeing Britney and hearing the new remixes :)

  1. Artur said:
    1 day ago

    Britney Poland waiting for Your best show !!!

  1. ashley said:
    1 day ago




    with most sincere love,

    ps (do what eva you like baby girl. you run this.)

  1. sargon said:
    1 day ago

    were they remixed differently from the u.s leg?

  1. Ann said:
    1 day ago

    Brit Thanks a lot I'nt know why every single thing about you makes me happy

  1. Eli said:
    1 day ago

    good job britt

  1. Mike Garnica said:
    1 day ago

    I hope the new costume are great

  1. brandon said:
    1 day ago

    sounds like a good mix it, im just glad you all did not do that in the u.s because we would have lost our minds those are our favorite tracks and a remix just woiuldnt have been the same lol