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2009 | 06 | 15 | Monday | 08:46:47 > about us:
about us:

-Ever since
Custom House has introduced the Ball-jointed Dolls to Korea, we have grown by going through countless obstacles and satisfactions with our customers.
There are so many character-based items appear and disappear everyday but unlike these
character businesses which only focuses on sales and mass production, Custom House has
raised the bar by bringing unique ball jointed dolls with absolute beauty and upgrading them
to more appreciated art pieces.

Custom House will never stop trying and as a company with endless love towards the ball
jointed dolls and its absolute beauty we will share our love with our customers.
Please watch over us with blessing and love.

Thank you.



- Since
Custom House's cafe opened in June, 2006, we have been importing items for Ball Jointed Dolls.
However, we didn't just stop at importing accessories and started using
Korean technology to start manufacturing own wigs in November of the same year.
A month later, we made the prototype for the AI and introduced the finished models,
the Custom House original Ball Jointed Doll AI, in Doll Contest 2, which is sponsored by Custom House in April, 2003.
Since then, more variety of Ball Jointed Dolls were made and introduced through
multi-national internet shopping mall. Now it is safe to say that we are the company with
most stabilized and ideal manufacturing line and sales.

-Company History
2002   June 7 : Custom House On-line and Off-line store open
            December : Ball Jointed Doll company started.

2003   February : Hosted Doll Contest 1
            April : Hosted Doll Contest 2 / AI first basics Choa, Sram, Sia models made and released.
            May : AiNAi Korean On-lne shopping mall open
            June : First Anniversary exclusive model - Sin, Han, Rock released
            June : AiNAi English Online shopping mall open.
            August : Hosted Doll Contest 3 / Jin, Bin, Miya released
            August : SiCAF Doll House in Comic Booka
            October : Bu-Chun International Comic (BICOF)
            October : attended LPGA Golf Tournament Doll released
            October : Hosted Doll Contest 4 / Siwon, Chowon, Nan released
            November : November Korean idol group [Jewerly��] doll released
            November : Seo Taiji Company group [Nell��] doll released, attended sale
            November : Off-line show room 'Forest of AI' open / [Forest of AI��] opening special doll Cebbe, Jun released
            December : AiNAi Japanese online shopping mall open and opening special limited dolls released

2004  Feburary : Hosted Doll Contest 5 / Petit AI Gabriel, Raphael released / Valentine's Day Limited Raphael Released
            Feburary : Valentine's Day Limited Raphael Released
            March : Tokyo (Japan) CarerMatsuri exhibition 'Alice in Wonderland'
            April : AI's first anniversary exclusive Prayer Sin, Prayer Miya released
            April : Seo Taiji company 'Taiji brick' production guest
            June : Hosted Doll Contest 6 / Doll Contest Limited Raphael released
            July : Movie [Doll Master��] Main character Mina doll released
            July : Movie [Doll Master��] Bu-chun International Film Festival opening exhibition
            July : SICAF Exhibition
            July : Character Fair Attended
            August : Singer [Eugene��] doll released
            October : Petite AI Uriel, Anael released
            November : Junior AI released
            December : New Version Petit AI limited released

2005  January : Direct manufacturing factory establishment
            Feburary : Valentine's day limited Prayer Gabrield release
            Feburary : Host Doll Contest 7 and Petite Ai Ramiel release
                                 New size doll, Little Junior Mars and Jupiter release
            May : Children's day commemoration Sariel release
            June : Custom House 3rd Anniversary Han, Sin, Rock release and Show Room event
            July : Host Doll Contest 8 and Little Junior Zepyroth release
                        Little Junior girl Dione release / Junior Sarang release
            July : Character Fair event character 'Barim' design and exhibition
            October : Ball jointed doll event 'Free Market' attendant and exhibition
            November : Halloween commemoration Petite Enfant Dobiel, Samuel and Hanael release
            December : New size doll Little Junior girl Muse release

2006 January :AI girl's new sales begin
            March : Host Doll Context 9
            April : Partnership with Etude cosmetics, Myung-dong Etude store Princess Room exhibition
            July : Partnership with Drama production Olive Nine inc.
            July : Drama Jumong character production exhibition character fair attendant
            August : Bu-chun national comic exhibition attend, cartoon characters production, main booth exhibition
            October : U.S. Haute Doll magazine cover page and doll sale
            October : Gwang-ju Kim Dae joong Korea trend product exhibition (Drama Jumong, Hwang Jin I)
            December : Seoul COEX World Dolls Festival exhibition (Drama Jumong, Hwang Jin I)

2007  October : Bisou Ai, Ange Ai, New Classic Ai release