Nadia AlmeidaNadia AlmeidaYes, we can hardly believe it either.

This year, Big Brother celebrates its tenth anniversary on television.

This one-off special sees journalist Grace Dent take a look at the impact the show has made over the years.

Big Brother has gone from a little-known show that saw ten housemates enter an environment of 24/7 filming to a worldwide-brand and the biggest reality show that has never been far from the headlines.

Featuring interviews with former housemates and celebrity fans, Big Brother: A Decade in the Headlines examines how Big Brother has affected celebrity, diversity, and television.

A major contributor to the show is Queen of BB Davina McCall, who has fronted the series since the very beginning.

"I remember the feeling of wondering if it was going to work," recalls Davina of the launch show. "I knew I thought it was interesting, but I wondered if anyone else would think so.

"But what I thought was funny about the first series was that it got picked up as an interesting social experiment, and some of the broadsheets were covering it, saying it was a really interesting programme."

As an avid viewer, Davina's also had her favourite housemates over the years - and some are a bit of a surprise.

"This is contentious, but I did love Rex. I just did. When he just used to look at Nicole and go [puts on voice] 'what's wrong with you?' It was that sort of bolshie chef thing and the arrogance that was kind of brilliant.

"Nadia was one of my favourite winners," she continues. "She was so lovely, and so overjoyed to win, it meant so much to her – so much more than the money. And Craig giving that money away when he came out – that was really special. And Brian winning it as well – that meant a lot to him in so many ways more than just the money."

The presenter refused to give anything away about what's in store for the new series, but teased "I can tell you it'll be really good."

We can't wait.

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