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Stuffed Talking Chopper A Smiling
Code: BNP44952-A Series: One Piece
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About $14.84 USD; €11.31 Euros
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54.57Argentina Pesos
20.84Australian Dollar
32.94Brazil Reais
18.18Canadian Dollar
114.99Hong Kong Dollar
161,111.11Indonesian Rupiah
53.47Malaysian Ringgit
196.24Mexican Peso
26.51N.Z. Dollars
98.31Norwegian Kroner
717.11Phillipine Pesos
22.24Singapore Dollars
19,841.27South Korea Won
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17.10Swiss Francs
500Taiwan Dollars
524.41Thailand Baht
10.10United Kingdom Pound
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Stock Status: Discontinued DiscontinuedWhat this means
Originally Released:June 2008
Size/Weight:24.0 x 14.0 x 10.0 cm/140g
Shipping Estimate:
EMS: 1,500 yen, SAL: 580 yen
EMS SAL Currency
15.35 5.93 US Dollars
11.70 4.53 Euro
56.45 21.83 Argentina Pesos
21.56 8.34 Australian Dollar
34.08 13.18 Brazil Reais
18.81 7.27 Canadian Dollar
118.95 46 Hong Kong Dollar
166,666.67 64,444.44 Indonesian Rupiah
55.31 21.39 Malaysian Ringgit
203 78.50 Mexican Peso
27.43 10.61 N.Z. Dollars
101.69 39.32 Norwegian Kroner
741.84 286.84 Phillipine Pesos
23.01 8.90 Singapore Dollars
20,525.45 7,936.51 South Korea Won
127.33 49.24 Sweden Krona
17.69 6.84 Swiss Francs
517.24 N/a Taiwan Dollars
542.50 209.76 Thailand Baht
10.45 4.04 United Kingdom Pound
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Assembly Guide:Skill LevelCement (Y/N)Paint (Y/N)
Product Overview:This item is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure. It does not require either cement or paint to complete or use.

Chopper speaks! Measuring 24cm tall to the top of his hat, this smiling Chopper plush toy can speak one of two phrases when you press his belly button: "Nanda? Sore nanda?" ("What? What is that?") and "Sugge~! Sugge~!" ("Amazing! Amazing!").

Don't forget to grab laughing Chopper, linked below, for a double-dose of Chopper cuteness!


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