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          Be curious, be generous (and be on time!). When you put your whole spirit into your work, you will find true happiness.
  Chef Alain Sailhac
Senior Dean of Studies and Executive Vice President

          It is our task to show the students what real life is. I think we are pretty pragmatic, and that we are realizing our goals in preparing a future generation of skilled cooks.
  André Soltner
Dean of Classic Studies

What does it take to be called a culinary legend? To be recognized as an icon, a star? Attaining such elite status demands a blend of vision, knowledge, success, and influence few possess. At The French Culinary Institute, our distinguished staff is teamed with a group of culinary icons who comprise our list of Deans. They're the visionaries who design your curricula, guide your Chef-Instructors, become an inspiration to you and truly set us apart from every other culinary school in the world. With this incredible staff, faculty and deans, plus other visiting luminaries, you will rub shoulders with the best and learn from the most accomplished in the business.

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Jacques Pépin Master Chef, Dean of Special Programs
Alain Sailhac Master Chef, Executive Vice President & Dean Emeritus
André Soltner Master Chef, Dean of Classic Studies
Jacques Torres Master Chef, Dean of Pastry Arts
Cesare Casella Dean of Italian Studies
Ron Ben-Israel Visiting Master Pastry-Instructor



Classic Culinary Arts Program Faculty

Nils Nor�n, Vice President of Culinary and Pastry Arts
Candy Argondizza, Lead Chef-Coordinator
Marc Bauer, Master Chef and Roundsman
Sixto Alonso, Senior Instructor
Pascal B�ric, Chef-Instructor
Philip Burgess, Lead-Instructor
Jeffrey Butler, Chef-Instructor
Wanda Centeno, Station Chef
Karen Chirgwin, Chef-Instructor
Janet Crandall, Chef-Instructor
John Cumming, Chef-Instructor
Ray Dawson, Chef-Instructor
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Classic Pastry Arts Faculty

Tina Casaceli, Director of Pastry & Baking Arts
Ron Ben-Israel, Visiting Master Pastry Instructor
J�rgen David, Pastry Instructional Coordinator
Peter Baldino, Pastry Chef-Instructor
Christopher Ciresi, Pastry Chef-Instructor
Toni Lynn Dickinson, Pastry Chef-Instructor
Isra Gordon, Pastry Chef-Instructor
Tom Jones, Pastry Chef-Instructor
Joseph Jae Kim, Pastry Chef-Instructor
Rebecca Kaiser, Pastry Chef-Instructor
Cynthia Peithman, Pastry Chef-Instructor
Kir Rodriguez, Pastry Chef-Instructor
Claudia Silva, Pastry Chef-Instructor

International and Artisan Bread Baking Faculty

Karen Bornarth, Instructional Coordinator
Roger Gural, Bread Chef-Instructor
Johnson Yu, Bread Chef-Instructor

Technology Faculty

Dave Arnold, Director of Culinary Technology

Wine Faculty

Laura Maniec, Wine Instructor and Corporate Beverage Director at B.R. Guest Restaurants
Alexis Kahn, Director, Beverage Education at The International Culinary Center and General Manager of L'Ecole, the restaurant of The French Culinary Institute

Education Department

Christina Wang, Director of Education, Consulting Services & Special Projects
Angela Dimino, Program Coordinator

The Visiting Master Chefs
Bobby Flay, Visiting Lecturer and Star Alumnus
Roger Fessaguet, Visiting Lecturer
Bernard Martinage, Certified Hospitality Educator
John Artise, Visiting Lecturer
Florian Bellanger
Randy Eastman
Sam Mason

Gary Apito, President & Chief Operating Officer
John Beaubrun, Director of Financial Aid
Phil Engert, Vice President of Information Technology
Nils Nor�n, Vice President of Culinary and Pastry Arts
Christopher Papagni, Vice President of Student Affairs and School Director
Claudia Ramone, Director of Admission

Our Admissions Representatives love what they do and have a real appreciation for the culinary industry and those who work in it. Here, you can get to know a bit about them-how long they've been at The FCI, what they enjoy most about their jobs, and-perhaps the most telling question of all-their favorite restaurants. To contact an admission representative, please click here or call 1.888.FCI.CHEF.

Brian Bishop, Assistant Director of Regional Culinary Enrollment
John Davis, Associate Director of Regional Culinary Enrollment
Cris Mertz, Assistant Director of National Culinary Enrollment
Jock Grundy, Associate Director of Pastry & Young Talent Enrollment
Kristin Maugeri, Associate Director of National Culinary & Italian Enrollment
Katie Myers, Assistant Director of Pastry Enrollment
Barbara Sarubbi, Enrollment Coordinator

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