Project Title:
Seinfeld - Season 5 - Episode 15 "The Pie"
NBC Television Studios
Lifesize mannequin with likeness to Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus)and prop keychain of Phil Rizzuto
Several episodes of this long-running television show utilized Sticks and Stones to create specialty props not found in the real world. The first was a mannequin in the likeness of central character Elaine, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Several people in the episode keep telling her that she looks familiar to them. She soon realizes that they have been seeing her doppelganger - a store mannequin in her likeness dressed in lingerie. Obviously, madness ensues…

Finally, the producer’s recruited us to create a key-fob that is a direct resemblance to ex-Baseball player and founder of The Money Store, Phil Rossuto. Every time the head of the key-chain is squeezed it utters the catch phrase, “HOLY COW!”. George looses his keys, along with the trinket and it is buried under the asphalt during a street repair. Every time a car drives over it, the mechanism repeats the catch-phrase. See photos here.


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