.NET CF 3.7 leaked

Posted on Saturday, Jun 13, 2009 by Malatesta
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Everyone running Windows Mobile 6.1 or higher is familiar with having .NET CF 2.0 built into ROM. And adding the much-improved .NET CF 3.5 for third-party software  is common.

Evidently Microsoft has updated to .NET CF 3.7, and the .cab file (extracted no doubt from one of the hundreds of "leaked" HTC ROMs out there) is available to install to your device or cook into ROMs.

Changes and improvements are unknown at this time. But if you're feeling adventurous, head over to PPCGeeks or XDA to find out more, including how to get the .cab!



I would be weary of downloading this. The .NET framework is collection of libraries to make developing applications just that much easier. Installing a version of the .NET framework is not going to improve your device in any way. This supposed version has not been released; only until Microsoft releases this will we be able to really use it to build applications. The next version is going to be 4.0 anyway because the compact framework follows the same versioning of the full framework. This is a waste and is of no value to end user, especially since there will be no applications in existence that use this supposed framework until it is released from Microsoft.

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