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Chopper Rubber Key Chain
Code: CSP30277 Series: One Piece
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About $6.14 USD; €4.68 Euros
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22.58Argentina Pesos
8.62Australian Dollar
13.63Brazil Reais
7.52Canadian Dollar
47.58Hong Kong Dollar
66,666.67Indonesian Rupiah
22.12Malaysian Ringgit
81.20Mexican Peso
10.97N.Z. Dollars
40.68Norwegian Kroner
296.74Phillipine Pesos
9.20Singapore Dollars
8,210.18South Korea Won
50.93Sweden Krona
7.08Swiss Francs
206.90Taiwan Dollars
217Thailand Baht
4.18United Kingdom Pound
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Originally Released:July 2008
Size/Weight:8.5 x 8.0 x 1.1 cm/30g
Shipping Estimate:
EMS: 1,200 yen, SAL: 380 yen
EMS SAL Currency
12.28 3.89 US Dollars
9.36 2.97 Euro
45.16 14.30 Argentina Pesos
17.25 5.46 Australian Dollar
27.26 8.63 Brazil Reais
15.05 4.77 Canadian Dollar
95.16 30.13 Hong Kong Dollar
133,333.33 42,222.22 Indonesian Rupiah
44.25 14.01 Malaysian Ringgit
162.40 51.43 Mexican Peso
21.94 6.95 N.Z. Dollars
81.36 25.76 Norwegian Kroner
593.47 187.93 Phillipine Pesos
18.41 5.83 Singapore Dollars
16,420.36 5,199.78 South Korea Won
101.87 32.26 Sweden Krona
14.15 4.48 Swiss Francs
413.79 N/a Taiwan Dollars
434 137.43 Thailand Baht
8.36 2.65 United Kingdom Pound
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Assembly Guide:Skill LevelCement (Y/N)Paint (Y/N)
Product Overview:This item is an item of stationery (paper or writing goods), or other small merchandise such as good-luck charms, mascot straps, et cetera. It does not require either cement or paint to complete or use.
The distinctive doctor of the Luffy Pirates, reindeer Tony Tony Chopper, is featured on this colorful rubber keychain! Measuring 6cm across and 7.3cm high, it would be fantastic attached to a bag or cel phone, too!

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