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Karakuri Castle Chopper Parka Black M
Code: CSP22480 Series: One Piece
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About $70.60 USD; €53.84 Euros
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259.69Argentina Pesos
99.17Australian Dollar
156.75Brazil Reais
86.53Canadian Dollar
547.18Hong Kong Dollar
766,666.67Indonesian Rupiah
254.42Malaysian Ringgit
933.82Mexican Peso
126.17N.Z. Dollars
467.80Norwegian Kroner
3,412.46Phillipine Pesos
105.84Singapore Dollars
94,417.08South Korea Won
585.74Sweden Krona
81.37Swiss Francs
2,379.31Taiwan Dollars
2,495.48Thailand Baht
48.08United Kingdom Pound
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Stock Status: Discontinued DiscontinuedWhat this means
Originally Released:January 2006
Size/Weight:26.0 x 33.0 x 5.0 cm/820g
Shipping Estimate:
EMS: 3,200 yen, SAL: 1,480 yen
EMS SAL Currency
32.74 15.14 US Dollars
24.97 11.55 Euro
120.44 55.70 Argentina Pesos
45.99 21.27 Australian Dollar
72.69 33.62 Brazil Reais
40.13 18.56 Canadian Dollar
253.77 117.37 Hong Kong Dollar
355,555.56 164,444.44 Indonesian Rupiah
117.99 54.57 Malaysian Ringgit
433.08 200.30 Mexican Peso
58.51 27.06 N.Z. Dollars
216.95 100.34 Norwegian Kroner
1,582.59 731.95 Phillipine Pesos
49.09 22.70 Singapore Dollars
43,787.63 20,251.78 South Korea Won
271.65 125.64 Sweden Krona
37.74 17.45 Swiss Francs
1,103.45 N/a Taiwan Dollars
1,157.32 535.26 Thailand Baht
22.30 10.31 United Kingdom Pound
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Product Overview:This item is a coat, parka, or other item of outerwear.

Click here for sizing chart.

Printed in colour on 100% cotton, size M.

Note: Please note that Japanese T-shirt sizes tend to run a half size to a full size smaller than their western counterparts. Please keep this in mind and check the sizing chart (linked above) before placing your order.

カラクリ城チョッパー パーカー ブラック M