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Update on the Director's Cut of NIGHTBREED

TOIX HORROR #3In an update to our story that began in FANGORIA #284 (on-sale now) and continued on the web last week (details here), further information has surfaced in regards to the Director's Cut of Cliver Barker's NIGHTBREED.

In fact, a VHS copy of the 1990 film (picture left on our late spin-off TOXIC HORROR), containing over 44 minutes of additional footage has been viewed, according to Phil and Sarah over at Clive Barker Revelations.
"We just finished watching a 145 minute version of the film's mid-1989 workprint! That's 44 minutes longer than the theatrical release!! And it's even more significant than that since there are none of the later re-shoots of Decker's murders, so the actual deleted footage is far more than 44 minutes!

Yes, there's (lots) more violence as the Sons of the Free invade Midian, yes there's some deleted stop motion footage, yes, Narcisse gets decapitated, yes Lori stabs herself on a hilltop and Boone bites her... Yes, yes, yes!

Now, this is just a VHS copy so it's not of releasable quality, so... thank you for your continuing messages of support - let's keep working to get a proper DVD release for an extended Nightbreed...

Curious as to how this could all play out? Click here to visit Clive's site, and be sure to follow the instructions if YOU are interested in a proper DVD release!


  1. This is great news but people really need to keep showing their support for the director's cut of the film at clive's site so the message can get back immediately to the studio that there is a large audience for this film. Message and let them know how much you want to see Clive's cut of the film.
  2. I absolutely love that film. It has been called the "Star Wars" of monster films. The movie does look as if there is footage missing, so hopefully the directors cut brings the entire film in piece. I hope it gets a criterion collection kind of treatment
  3. This is awsome! I really like that film. It obviously suffered a lot of trimming but it is still one of my personnal favorite. So lets bring back these lost footage, unh? Anybody knows what happened to the idea of the Breed as a trilogy, both film and book? The tribe of the moon embrace you....
  4. i diffently wanna see and own the director's cut to nightbreen its been long overdue and it would be awesome if they can bring the special edition dvd out around october / halloween
  5. Horror Fans should really get behind this and if they haven't seen the film I highly recommend it as well as the book its based on Cabal. This film definitely displays some of the best monster design without the use of cgi in horror movie history - PERIOD! David Cronenberg displays some psychotic acting tendencies as well with a mask that could have easily been the focus of any slasher villain. Clive should right the sequel to Cabal, go bestseller, and then perhaps the studios would see the worth in this gem. thats my 2cents.
  6. Yes. Yes and....yes. Bring it. Great Movie, great book, Cabal owns.

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