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Vintage stores are a great place for cheap, one-off finds

Old-school fashion

Vintage has long been a buzz word in the fashion industry, bandied around by designers and celebrities alike. No fashion connoisseur should be without at least one timeless, classic vintage designer piece, but what about us mere mortals and penniless students?

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  • Fantasy Football for Schools
    Kick off term by enrolling in our Fantasy Football competition. There are great prizes to be won: an Xbox 360, laptop and software, digital cameras, sports equipment and much more!

  • Looking for a laptop?
    Term is starting and you can't face another long night at the smelly and over crowded uni IT hall? Well get your self a laptop! Read reviews of some of the best and most student friendly machines out there.

  • Forums
    Get chatting people, the floor is yours!

  • Student finance
    Organise your spending, and let loans and bursaries handle the rest
Platform2 volunteers learning local dances in Pachacutec on the outskirts of Lima, Peru

A unique platform

The Government-funded volunteer programme Platform2 sends UK youths to developing countries in South America and Africa - fancy applying for the trip of a lifetime?

Calm amid the storm: Why MBA courses have never had it so good

"We're like The Apprentice, only nicer," says Terry Kendrick, MBA director at Norwich Business School. During the course, students find themselves pitched in competition with each other in a way that resembles the popular television series: in teams, they create an event to make money for charity. "But we give them a couple of months to do it, rather than a day, and we're not Sir Alan Sugar," he says.

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Get fit for summer with Fitness First gyms in London

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