What is your 201 file?

What is the 201 file?

The 201 file is a record also known as the OMPF (Official Military Personnel File). It is a folder of documents maintained by the military for each Service Member. It usually contains the following documents, and sometimes more:

  • Promotion Orders
  • Mobilization Orders
  • DA 1059s, Service School Academic Evaluation Reports
  • MOS Orders
  • Awards
  • Transcripts
  • SGLV 8286, SGLI Election and Certificate
  • NCOERs and OERs, Evaluation Documents
  • DD 214s

Why is the 201 file important?

The 201 file is a record of your military service and contains documents that are important for proving your military service. It is fairly common for the military to lose or misplace your 201 file or pieces of it. It’s very important that you maintain copies of your 201 file and everything in it, and keep it in a safe location – especially your DD 214s.

What is the DD 214?

The DD 214 is a form issued to you by the military upon completion of Active Service. Active service might be your active duty contract or an active service period you are obligated to complete if you are a reservist, such as a school or a mobilization.

Why is the DD 214 important?

The DD 214 is the primary document the Veterans Administration uses to determine your eligibility for entitlements. The DD 214, combined with medical records which may be found in your 201 file, are the primary documents used to determine your level of eligibility for service-connected disability entitlements.