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I have lived in Florida since 1962, always fairly close to the mysterious wetlands called the Everglades. I have hiked, canoed and camped in the Glades, a unique waterscape that seeps into your blood before you realize it. I have also written and produced four documentary films and written two books and nearly 30 stories about this haunting world that author Marjory Stoneman Douglas has called "the river of grass."

Thus, it is not surprising that my latest book should be DEATH IN THE EVERGLADES - THE MURDER OF GUY BRADLEY, America's First Martyr to Environmentalism. It is a story that has intrigued me for 30 years and I am delighted I could finally tell this tale of an Everglades that is no more in a book which America's premier environmental writer Peter Matthiessen, has called "a lively account of one of the most dramatic episodes in South Florida history."

Please read on for more details on the Bradley story, other books I have written and a brief bio.

-Stuart McIver