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Moms Sue, Saying Baby Sex Tests Flawed

posted: 2 DAYS 19 HOURS AGO
comments: 306
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NEW YORK (June 16) -- Six New York City mothers are suing the maker of a baby sex test that touted its product as "infallibly accurate," saying the test results they received were wrong.
In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the women claim they received incorrect results from the $275 Baby Gender Mentor test by Acu-Gen Biolab Inc., of Lowell, Mass.
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Mother and baby

Mothers who say Acu-Gen Biolab's baby gender test is flawed are suing the company, alleging negligence and fraud. They are seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

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The suit says the test maker advertised its product as the "gold standard for prenatal gender detection."
The company's Web site says the test can determine a baby's sex as early as five to eight weeks' gestation. The test involves collecting a blood sample and home and sending it to Acu-Gen for analysis.
Lawyer Barry Gainey says the lawsuit charges the product's makers and marketers with negligence and fraud, and seeks unspecified damages.
Officials at Acu-Gen Biolab Inc. could not be reached for comment Monday night.
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2009-06-16 03:09:21
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04:58 PMJun 18 2009

Wow I can't believe something like this could happen. If I were to ever have a child, I certainly would not like for this to happen to me. Thankfully, there is some amazing technology out there that makes it possible for a parent to actually pick the gender of their baby. Don't believe me? Click the like below to find out more about this amazing new discovery.<a href="" target="_top"></a>



03:33 PMJun 18 2009

unless there's arisk of some sex-based birth defect like hemophilia why bother. the OB would test early if there was a risk, but if there's no risk, why blow$300. Wait for your ultrasound, if you still can't tell - wait and be surprised. And really, how much of a "surprise" can it be? Its one or the other!!!!Yyou may prefer one over the other i.e. you have 4 girls and you want a boy - but if you decide to have a baby, and its healthy, take what you get and be happy that its healthy.



07:04 AMJun 17 2009

We need a special court for Idiots, one with lots of bright pictures and big shiny things to keep them amused while the judge is laughing.



03:14 AMJun 17 2009

Boxer mc2 -while i firmly believe that adoption is a wonderful thing, and plan to adopt myself someday, you are making some baseless judgements.first off i doubt that "only straight people care about gender". i'm sure there are gay people who have a preference, but normal healthy people of all sexual orientations would love the child no matter what. I'm disgusted by "only gay people do this and this" comments, and i'm sure you would be as well, so why is alright to group all straight people together?secondly not all children who are put up for adoption are "put to the curb". many many children end up in the system because the family was unable to properly care for them due to financial, medical, or other issues. What, may i ask, is wrong with knowing you can't give a child the life it deserves, and making the decision to give it to someone who can?? If anything they are showing what good parents they are by acting in the best interests of their child.and "breeders"? We pref...



12:20 AMJun 17 2009

Wow this makes no sense to me. My SIL wants all boys, but currently has a boy and girl, and my niece can kind of tell her mother wishes she were a boy. However I was thrilled she was a girl and she loves me to death. Children pick up on these things early. Personally I don't care what I have in the long run; I just want them to be healthy. I would love it if I had two boys, then two girls, but healthy children are preferrable over gender and sex. Besides nothing is infallible as long as it exists on Earth. Women are told they'll never have children and do, men the same. People told they have cancer and come to find out they don't. Always get a second opinion and always be happy you have healthy children over sickly ones, or even one at all.



11:06 PMJun 17 2009

"Pretty sure if you're going to insult an entire race and gender, you MIGHT want to try not sounding like a complete ignorant retard by using spell check and checking your facts first."you really drive your point home by using the term "retard." discrimination is discrimination. if you are going to complain and whine about people being "racist" don't you dare use that ******* word. hypocrite.



10:20 PMJun 17 2009

The way I see it, it's one of those filler answers until your ~20 week gender ultrasound. Even that's not guaranteed. You might see a winky, but it was just your little girl's hand in a funny place. We don't run around suing our doctors for false ultrasound results, now do we. An intelligent person would wait for the insurance-covered ultrasound instead of going home to stab their arms with a needle for $300.



10:02 PMJun 17 2009

DavePaiste, that's ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. Where the hell in this ENTIRE article does it give the race of the mothers who are suing? BECAUSE I DON'T SEE IT ANYWHERE. Just because the picture is of a black woman with a baby does not mean that all the women were black, and in fact it doesn't even mean ANY of the women were black. Your comment is by far the most ignorant one I've read all day. Pretty sure if you're going to insult an entire race and gender, you MIGHT want to try not sounding like a complete ignorant retard by using spell check and checking your facts first.



09:47 PMJun 17 2009

What a great legacy for the children of these mothers. Sorry Sonny, they told me you were a girl had I known, well no telling what I might have done.


Amandria 1

09:22 PMJun 17 2009

the worst that should happen is the tests are pulled off the shelves if it shows the tests were taken properly in the first place. Give me a break they shouldn't be compensated past getting their money back for the tests.


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