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Welcome to the official Site of Bootable CD Wizard (BCDW)! Te bootmanager for CD/DVD. You will find the actual version, 2.01, in the downloads section. Changes since version 1.50Z can be found here.

Thel BCDW 1.50Z pages will open in a new window.

You can find the original page here, but it is no longer maintained. In the downloads section you'll find the entire 1.50Z pages for download in archives.

If you want to use BCDW 1.50Z with Windows XP SP2 or a BartPE based on it, you will have to use this file instead of setupldr.bin of XP SP2. As this is a personal workaround, there is no warranty coming with it, try at your own risk.

Alex Kopylov's version of ming32 cdrtools 2.01 are here: Win32, Source, Source-Diff.
Here's the short info about it from Alex.

BCDW 2.0 basic documentation can be found in the FAQ section.