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One-Piece Bath Towel: Chopper
Code: BNP44621-A Series: One Piece
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Originally Released:March 2009
Size/Weight:34.0 x 10.0 x 6.0 cm/260g
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EMS: 1,680 yen, SAL: 780 yen
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17.70 8.22 US Dollars
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22,408.96 10,404.16 South Korea Won
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19.18 8.91 Swiss Francs
574.75 N/a Taiwan Dollars
604.75 280.78 Thailand Baht
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Assembly Guide:Skill LevelCement (Y/N)Paint (Y/N)
Product Overview:This item is an item of stationery (paper or writing goods), or other small merchandise such as good-luck charms, mascot straps, et cetera. It does not require either cement or paint to complete or use.
Chopper's got treasure--lots and lots of it--and he's ready to share it with you on this thirsty terrycloth bath towel! This colorful game-prize item from Banpresto measures a big 60cm x 120cm, and is perfect for after the bath, pool or shower. It would make a great wall hanging, too!

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