Next Stop - Civil Disobedience

Posted by Jaime On June - 19th - 2009

On Tuesday, Savage Love columnist and podcaster Dan Savage wrote an interesting article addressing how queer Americans should approach the Obama administration's repugnant avoidance of campaign-trail promises.

Public Gay Book Burning

Posted by Alex On June - 17th - 2009

A Christian group called the CCLU is trying to have a gay book publicly burned.

Bill O’Reilly Takes on Youtube

Posted by Alex On June - 17th - 2009

O’Reilly talks about how the video sharing site has no way to verify a persons real age. But why pick on just Youtube?

Focus On The Family Lies

Posted by Alex On June - 18th - 2009

Truth Wins Out Catches Focus On The Family In A Lie

On Youtube’s blog, Citizentube, Youtube posted a video telling viewers how to circumvent an internet proxy, such as the one the Iranian government is using to control internet usage in the country and to block certain sites. They have also relaxed their terms of use to allow Iranians to get their videos out.

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