The Underground Literary Alliance is the
most controversial writers group in
America. We stand up for writers, expose
corruption in the publishing world, and
work to create a fun & exciting alternative
to the literary mainstream.


ULA Manifesto

Original Statement of Protest


Active ULA Members --
~click on each name for more info about that person~

Jeff Potter, Marketing Director

Yul Tolbert, Art Director

Tom Hendricks, Cultural Affairs

Wild Bill Blackolive

Jack Saunders

Crazy Carl Robinson

Mark Sonnenfeld, "Experimental Writer"

Frank Walsh

Jessica (Disobedience) Wilbur

Christopher Robin

James Nowlan

Adam Hardin, Dictator of Research Activities

Patrick Simonelli, ULA Webmaster

Eric "Jelly Boy the Clown" Broomfield

Matthew Broomfield  NEW!

Cynthia Ruth-Lewis  NEW!

Mark Brunetti  NEW!

Rita Webb  NEW!

ULA Supporters:

Steve Kostecke
Michael Jackman
Lisa B. Falour
Joe Smith
Owen Thomas
Chris Estey
Urban Hermitt
Joseph Verrilli
Leah Smith
Grant Schreiber
Susan America
Joe Pachinko
Brady Russell


ULA members live across America, in
Canada, France, & Japan. We're in your
cities, your burbs, and your backwoods.

To find a ULAer near you,
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Our readings, protests, and events take
place throughout the year. For a rough
outline of 2009's upcoming events,

ULA ACTION can happen anywhere & at
any time, so keep up with us!


Q: So you want to get involved with the
ULA and don't know where to start?

A: Chat with some ULAers, check out our
projects & propaganda, be nice to your
mother, and see what develops! Thanks!
ULA Contacts:

Drop an e-mail to:

Jeff Potter, ULA Marketing Director:
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Pat Simonelli,
ULA Webmaster:

Frank Walsh, ULA Poet

Contact info for individual ULA
members can be found by clicking
their name on the member list ...