Image of Silicon Graphics Octane2 and monitor

The Silicon Graphics Octane2 visual workstation combines the ground-breaking VPro™ 3D graphics system, the industry-leading crossbar architecture, and the latest high-performance MIPS® processor in an affordable power desktop package. Octane2 delivers a suite of industry-leading options including the award-winning DMediaPro™ video options for the most powerful high-definition solution on the desktop. Other innovative options include the Dual Head and Dual Channel Display options, which maximize your visualization resources, and the new cost-effective PowerDuo configuration, which allows two users to share the same high-performance system.

Silicon Graphics Octane2 Datasheet (PDF 467K)

Processors • Single or dual MIPS 64-bit R14000A™ 400MHz, R14000A™ 550MHz and 600MHz 2MB L2 cache
Graphics • Integrated vertex processing engine
• Integrated image and texture engine
• 12-bit per component color and alpha
• 24-bit eye space Z buffer and 8-bit stencil
• 10-bit digital to analog (DAC) display interface
• Multiple concurrent visuals (8-bit window ID)
• V6 & V10: 32MB graphics memory, including up to 8MB texture memory
• V8 & V12: 128MB graphics memory, including up to 104MB texture memory
• Resolution up to 1920x1200 pixels @ 60 Hz and 72 Hz
• Support for dual channel and stereo viewing mode
Memory • 256MB-8GB synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)
Key Applications • MCAD/MCAE
• Digital Prototyping
• 3D Animation
• Medical Imaging
• Scientific Visualization
• Oil and Gas (seismic interpretation)
• Visual Simulation
• Editing and Compositing
• Geospatial Imaging