Hunter Biog

Unsung heroes who have changed our world

The Plant Hunters were not just botanists, they were adventurers and explorers. They had to be tough to survive the conditions they faced in far-flung corners of the world. They survived shipwrecks, sieges and slavery and battled with pirates, escaped convicts and hostile natives.

They were real heroes of their time.

Name: Archibald Menzies - Date of birth: 1754
Place of Birth: near Aberfeldy Died: 1842, London.

Name: David Douglas - Date of birth: 1798
Place of Birth: Scone Died: Hawaii

Name: David Lyall - Date of birth: 1817
Place of Birth: Auchinblae, Kincardineshire Died: 1895, Glochester

Name: Francis Masson - Date of birth: 1741
Place of Birth: Aberdeen. Died: 1805, Montreal.

Name: George Don - Date of birth: 1798
Place of Birth: Forfar Died: 1856 Kensington London

Name: George Forrest - Date of birth: 1873
Place of Birth: Falkirk Died: 1932

Name: George Sherriff - Date of birth: 1898
Place of Birth: Carronvale, Larbert Died: 1967

Name: James Drummond - Date of birth: 1786
Place of Birth: Hawthornden, Mid Lothian Died: 1863 Perth, W Australia

Name: Robert Fortune - Date of birth: 1813
Place of Birth: Edrom, Berwickshire. Died: 1880

Name: Thomas Drummond - Date of birth: c1793
Place of Birth: Angus Died: 1835 Havana, Cuba

Name: Thomas Thomson - Date of birth: 1817
Place of Birth: Glasgow Died: 1878

Name: William Forsyth - Date of birth: 1737
Place of Birth: Old Meldrum, Aberdeen Died: 1804.