Sunday, 14 June 2009
 PAGES: 220
 RELEASE DATE: 04/15/2009
 REVIEW DATE: 06/14/2009

Toya is still struggling with balancing his job as an editor and his scandalous relationship with top selling writer Hodaka. His days are spent bearing the brunt of envy and resentment from his coworkers while his nights are steeped in shameful desire as Hodaka takes control of his body like a maestro with an instrument. Can Toya reconcile the two sides of his life before the stress catches up to him?

Apparently not, because it hits the tabloids that Hodaka was spotted with an editor and rumors of his being gay light up the internet and the work place where speculation runs high. Toya always kept their relationship in the closet. It seems like it has finally caught up with him. Now Hodaka has asked for a new editor and he’s leaving Toya out in the cold! This could be just the opportunity Toya’s other writer, Asumu has been waiting for!

Asumu wastes no time in trying to play the rebound and snatch Toya’s heart. But Hodaka’s hold on Toya is a hefty one. Asumu isn’t the only one taking advantage of the news. Toya has a painful reunion with his ex-fiancée Miwa where he finally has to fess up to the truth about their relationship and how he feels about Hodaka. It’s actually Miwa who points out to him that he’s misunderstanding Hodaka’s motives. And he is. Toya does a lot of soul searching and it leads to a heated and emotional reunion between Toya and Hodaka.

The story heats up even more in this volume by adding all the emotional complexity in Toya’s difficult relationship. There is still a lot of power play in the bedroom that involves a great deal of domination games by Hodaka and the very turned on Toya. But that’s part of the problem. Toya still isn’t comfortable with his sexuality and Hodaka is maybe pushing that envelope too far, too fast. He’s testing Toya’s limits but he might break the guy if he isn’t more careful. Bond up in lurid desires and lust, it’s easy to see why Toya would get all confused as to whether Hodaka really loves him or is just toying with him. In this volume he’ll finally get his answer!

The novel also comes with a few scintillating illustrations, including a full color cover page.

Things heat up in the penultimate volume of the series!

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