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Top Community Leaders are Voting YES

Measure “I” - The Basic Facts

Shorecliffs is a planned development that originally included protection for all owners against inappropriate home expansions.

This protection was a PROPERTY RIGHT, intended for all owners.

Unfortunately a few Shorecliffs homeowners have mansionized their homes, blocking views and invading privacy of their neighbors.

Ordinance 1319 restores the intended protection against view-blocking expansions within Shorecliffs. This ordinance:

  • Is BALANCED - restricts building height in view-critical areas but allows those homes larger front and rear expansions;

  • Was REQUESTED BY SHORECLIFFS residents and approved by a large majority of the community, including the height-restricted areas;

  • The City of San Clemente conducted an advisory vote from all Shorecliffs homeowners. Of the 84% that voted 72% approved a building height restriction.

  • Has been found by our city attorney to be ON SOLID LEGAL GROUND

  • Has NO ADMINISTRATIVE COST to the city; and


The ordinance was nonetheless brought to a city-wide vote by a small minority of Shorecliffs residents. As city residents, we regret the cost and inconvenience of this special election.

Please make the effort to vote YES ON MEASURE “I” and

Save Our Shorecliffs!

Top Community Leaders are Voting YES

“I support responsible development and so should you. The Shorecliffs Height & View Preservation Ordinance will preserve and protect one of San Clemente’s oldest, most unique neighborhoods from mansionization. Join the Open Space Commitee and vote YES on Measure I.”

Charles Mann, Save Open Space Community Leader

A solid majority of Shorecliffs homeowners support the Height & view Preservation ordinance. In the Shorecliffs Advisory Vote, 84% of all Shorecliffs homeowners turned in their ballots. That’s astounding! 72% of those who voted were in favor. That is the reason why I support the ordinance. I try to reflect the will of the majority.”

Wayne Eggleston, City Council Member & Former Mayor

When my great-grandfather, Ole Hanson, founded San Clemente, he envisioned a Spanish Village by the Sea with small-scale style. Measure I supports Ole’s dream by preserving one of San Clemente’s first planned single-story neighborhoods in the Ole Hanson tradition. Please vote YES on Measure I.”

Liz Hanson Kuhns, great-granddaughter of Ole Hanson

We have already lost our ocean view due to a large home expansion on the street below. Our property has been devalued. Our ocean view is gone. We miss the sunsets. We miss the open space. We do not want others in Shorecliffs to experience what we have. Please support Shorecliffs families. Vote Yes on Measure I.

Carol Evans, Shorecliffs homeowner