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Wrestler: Barry Horrowitz
Real Name:
Birthday: March 24, 1960
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6' - 221 pounds
Trained by: Boris Malenko
Previous Gimmicks: Jack "the Stretcher" Hart (Memphis)
Brett Hart
Jack Hart
Barry Hart
Barry "the Winner" Horrowitz
Bad Boy Barry Horowitz
Mr Technical (Indys)
Finishing Move: Cloverleaf
Favorite Moves: Horowitz Roll Up
Ankle Lock
Horowitz Cradle
Notable Feuds: Jerry Lynn (GWF)
Official Website:

  • NWA Florida Heavyweight title (as Jack Hart) defeating Mike Graham [Tournament] (July 23, 1985);
  • AWA Southern Tag Team titles w/Chic Donovan defeating Soul Train Jones & Rocky Johnson (May 4, 1987);
  • GWF (Global Wrestling Federation) Light Heavyweight title defeating Jerry Lynn (February 7, 1992);
  • GWF (Global Wrestling Federation) Light Heavyweight title defeating Ben Jordan (February 28, 1992);
  • IAW (Indiana) Heavyweight title defeating Steve Regal (September 8, 1992);
  • IAW (Indiana) Heavyweight title defeating Steve Regal (July 24, 1993);
  • CWA (Catch Wrestling Association) World Middleweight title defeating Franz Schumann (June 26, 1994);
  • BCW (Border City Wrestling) Can Am Tag Team titles w/Otis Apollo defeating Bobby Clancy & Larry Destiny (July 15, 2000);
  • FOW (Future of Wrestling) Hardcore title defeating Maximum Capacity (February 9, 2002);
  • FOW (Future of Wrestling) Hardcore title defeating Rusty Brooks (April 13, 2002);
  • NBW (New Breed Wrestling) United States Heavyweight title defeating Rod Steel (June 16, 2002);
  • EWA Heavyweight title defeating J.C Rage (August 30, 2002);
  • MEWF (Mid Eastern Wrestling Federation) Mid Atlantic Heavyweight title defeating Hack Myers and Bob Starr in a 3-WAY (September 22, 2002);

  • In The Beginning
  • Barry worked for Vince McMahon, Sr.'s WWWF early in his career..
  • Barry ventured to the Mid Atlantic region to work for Jim Crockett, Sr..
  • Barry also saw action in Puerto Rico and Canada..

    Florida Championship Wrestling
  • Barry next headed to Florida Championship Wrestling for two years..
  • Barry defeated Mike Graham during this time to become the Florida Heavyweight Champion..
  • Barry had his share of big name managers during the time including Percy Pringle, a.k.a. Paul Bearer, and Sir Oliver Humperdink..

  • Barry's journey soon made a stop in Memphis, using the name of "Stretcher" Jack Hart..
  • Barry was able to obtain both singles and tag team championships..

    World Wrestling Federation
  • 1988: Barry returned to the WWF and became the most prominant jobber in company history!
  • Unfortunately, a neck injury caused Horowitz to take an unwanted vacation that spanned 10 months.

  • Barry hit the famous Texas region that once housed the legendary von Erich family..
  • Barry joined the newly formed Global Wrestling Federation..
  • Barry "The Winner" Horowitz became the company's Light Heavyweight Champion after defeating Jerry Lynn..

    NWA: World Championship Wrestling
  • 1990: Barry Horowitz had a stint in WCW where he teamed with Moondog Spot and feuded with Tommy Rich & Terry Taylor..

    Horrowitz Wins! Horrowitz Wins! Horrowitz Wins!
  • Survivor Series 1993: Barry Harrowitz competed under a mask, as the Red Knight on a team lead by Shawn Michaels..
  • Barry Harrowitz defeated Skip in an upset prompting Jim Ross to make the now famous call "Horowitz Wins! Horowitz Wins!"
  • SummerSlam 1995: Barry Harrowitz defeated Skip (Chris Candido) of the Bodydonnas..
  • March 2, 1997--WWF Superstars: The Headbangers defeated Freddie Joe Floyd & Barry Horowitz (last TV appearance)..

    World Championship Wrestling
  • 1997: Barry Harrowitz entered the WCW and jobbed to many of the organization's finest wrestlers..

    The Independant Circuit
  • Barry Harrowitz main evented for the Florida Wrestling Association on the Sunshine Network..
  • 2002: Barry Harrowitz briefly toured with Real Action Wrestling in Eastern Canada..
  • June 2005: Barry Harrowitz was working as a nutritionist in Florida, while occasionally wrestling for local shows..
  • August 25, 2007--Planet Championship Wrestling: "Mr. Technical" Barry Horowitz defeated Scott Davis...
  • November 24, 2007--Planet Championship Wrestling: Barry Horowitz vs. Ricky Santana ended in a 15-minute draw..

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