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Mexico has Lost a Great Mexican, a Man who was Loyal and Committed to his Ideals and the Country: President Calderón

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 | Speeches

Ladies and gentlemen of the media:

Today, on his return from a working trip to the state of San Luis Potosí, Interior Secretariat Juan Camilo Mouriño lost his life.

The Secretary of the Interior was accompanied by José Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, Miguel Monterrubio, Arcadio Echeverría, Norma Díaz, Captain Julio César Ramírez Dávalos, co-pilot Álvaro Sánchez and flight attendant Gisel Carrillo, who were also my collaborators.

I would like to express my sincerest condolences to victims' relatives, and my absolute support during these difficult times, particularly to Mari Gely, María, Iván and Juan Camilo, the Interior Secretary's wife and children, and all his relatives.

His children should know that their father worked until the very last to leave them a better country and a good name.

Mexico has lost patriotic Mexicans who worked in the service of the Mexican state; Mexicans who with their tireless, everyday work were building a better country for everyone.

Federal Government, in conjunction with the proper authorities, will undertake all the necessary investigations, to determine the causes that led to this tragedy.

In the meantime, we will confine ourselves to the information derived from the corresponding investigations.
In particular, I will refer to Juan Camilo Mourilo who, as you know, was one of my closest collaborators and one of my dearest friends.

Through his death, Mexico has lost a great Mexican: one who was intelligent, loyal, committed to his ideals and country, honest and hard-working.

A man whose talent, tact, strategic skill and capacity for dialogue enabled Mexico to advance in many of the major reforms that are being undertaken in the country and who enabled government to advance towards obtaining its goals regarding Mexicans.

For many years of struggle, I shared with Juan Camilo the ideal of a new country, the ideal of a better, different country, the ideal of a Mexico in which justice, democracy, freedom, security, respect for others and the environment would shine forth.

We never hesitated to commit our lives to achieving our dream of enhancing our country.

His death is a great blow to me yet at the same time, a powerful reason to fight without cease and now, more than ever, for the ideals we shared.

I have instructed my team to redouble its efforts in its everyday work, to work together without surrendering; to work harder every day to achieve the Mexico in which we believe and in which the Secretary of the Interior and his team believed.

I would ask Mexicans, in addition to their prayers, to remember Juan Camilo as a young, committed man, who was both honest and intelligent and offered Mexico his enormous dedication to transforming our country.

I would also ask all Mexicans to allow no event, however difficult, as this one obviously is, to reduce our desire for a better Mexico.

We will be informing you and the entire Nation of the investigations regarding this case and in due course, I will inform Mexicans of government's corresponding decisions.

Thank you.

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