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  1. Checking out my TweetStats!
  2. @Bettiol Yeah. The lady that's head of my IT dept just got over it last week
  3. RT @Videos4BB: [New On Videos4BlackBerry] Hot New True Blood!
  4. @branden3112 I like the physical keypad for typing speed
  5. @branden3112 I know
  6. @branden3112 I am into quick communication so BB wins all day.
  7. @kasperapd The only reason I'm not considering keeping it is its only 8GB. That was the reason I bought the 16GB touch was for the room
  8. @kasperapd If I was to keep hers, I would sell the Jav. Don't know yet though.
  9. @CellUnlocknet Yeah my wife is kicking the old 8GB 3G to the curb for a 32GB. She doesn't know if she wants white or black
  10. @kasperapd They are fun but gets old fast. I still have my iTunes all set up on my PC with apps and music. Never deleted it all.
  11. @xodedexo18 You didn't watch tonight? @munchkinD13 doesn't miss a episode
  12. @Artjunkie78 is Rick coming out for 4th of July? He said on Facebook awhile back that he wanted to but haven't heard anything from him
  13. RT @TCPJ_Mickey: The Cell Phone Junkie Show #160
  14. @Videos4BB I'm getting my wife the 32GB next week and thinking about keeping her 8GB for myself but I don't think it would be enough room
  15. RT @Videos4BB: All new True Blood coming up soon ;)
  16. @Videos4BB Did you just get a 8GB?
  17. Watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels
  18. 2 more weeks until our 4th of July party. Party on the 3rd and 4th at my house. Yes... We are having a 2 day party.
  19. @karyncristina Np
  20. Listening to Carolina Liar