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The 50 Greatest Simpsons Movie References

Smart and funny riffs on classic cinema moments...

BY Nathan Ditum Jun 6th 2009 6:06AMFILED UNDER: Features


1. Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

Episode: Bart’s Friend Falls In Love (Season 3)

The original moment: Action adventure like only Steven Spielberg can deliver: Indiana Jones braves a cave of traps and spiders and swipes a golden idol, only to trigger the coolest trap of all time as a giant ball chases him down a tunnel and out into the open jungle.

The Simpsons moment: A stupendous, shot-for-shot, mannerism-by-mannerism remake that follows Bart as he weighs up a cookie jar before swiping it and escaping the rolling menace of a stair-tumbling Homer.

Homer shouting garbled fury as Bart hops on the schoolbus – as per the nude tribesmen – is classic.

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Comments (12)

1: mattburgess says

#16 - Treehouse of Horror III (Season 4), while the photo is from The Simpsons Movie.

Posted: Jun 15th 2009 // 10:11PMAlert a moderator

2: mattburgess says

Are all the movie references you've highlighted from the first 11 seasons and the movie because that's all that has been released on dvd so far? And *someone* in Total Film has been watching them too much? Maybe *everyone* in Total Film? :-P

Posted: Jun 15th 2009 // 10:15PMAlert a moderator

3: theirishgrover says

Well the first one's from Season 14 but I assume they are mostly from the first few seasons since they were cr*p after season 8

Posted: Jun 16th 2009 // 4:02PMAlert a moderator

4: leecrocker says

Missed my favorite...though probably because it's not at all visual: In the episode where they vacation in Japan, Marge says "We saw that movie 'Rashomon', you liked that.", to which Homer replies "That's not the way I remember it."

Posted: Jun 19th 2009 // 8:13AMAlert a moderator

5: aaweeble2 says

OMG dude the Simpsons like totally ROCK!


Posted: Jun 19th 2009 // 12:07PMAlert a moderator

6: durden says

absolutely awesome article!!!although i don't agree upon number one...still,the simpsons rock!!!

Posted: Jun 19th 2009 // 12:26PMAlert a moderator

7: seanjohntx says

Are you kidding me? You expect me to click through 18 pages? No thanks. Next time, cut down on the click throughs. Buried on digg.

Posted: Jun 19th 2009 // 2:12PMAlert a moderator

8: somewhatfrail says

Great number one choice.

Although I must say that the Terminator one should be omitted in favour of the far greater T-2 homage in the one episode when Homer befriends Flanders. Walking through the hedge like the T-1000 through the prison bars and then chasing the car with the golf clubs? Priceless.

Posted: Jun 19th 2009 // 3:05PMAlert a moderator

9: adman says

Cookie jar? Um, isn't that Homer's penny jar?

No doubt about it though; this is hands-down the number one. Top stuff guys.

Posted: Jun 19th 2009 // 3:06PMAlert a moderator

10: somewhatfrail says

Also, here's a whole compendium of Simpsons Terminator references:

Posted: Jun 19th 2009 // 3:07PMAlert a moderator

11: avoidz says

#20 - Mrs Krabappel puts her leg up in the classroom, not "waggling her leg from the bed".

Posted: Jun 21st 2009 // 3:19PMAlert a moderator

12: avoidz says

Notice how most of the clever, inventive references are all from the early seasons? What does that tell you about the quality of the show later on...

Posted: Jun 21st 2009 // 3:24PMAlert a moderator

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