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TV Reports
PARKS' WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT 6/19: Full coverage of the show, including Punk vs. Mysterio
Jun 21, 2009 - 12:46:04 AM

by Greg Parks, Contributor

WWE Smackdown review
June 19, 2009
Taped 6/16/09 in Roanoke, Va.
Aired on MyNetwork TV

-WWE Open.

-Smackdown Open.

-After shots of the crowd, JR and Todd Grisham plugged Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho, and C.M. Punk vs. Rey Mysterio for tonight.

-In the ring, Josh Mathews discussed the World Championship match Teddy Long made, then he brought out Jeff Hardy for an interview. Before asking a question, they cued up footage of Jeff Hardy vs. Edge from Extreme Rules, as well as C.M. Punk cashing in his Money-In-The-Bank opportunity. Then they showed the World Championship match from this past Monday. Get to the questions already! Mathews talked about the title eluding Hardy and Hardy responded by saying that he’d beat Punk at The Bash. They wanted to get Punk’s point-of-view, so they brought him out.

Mathews said some think Punk took advantage of Hardy in winning the title, but Punk again defended his option and took offense to the idea that he “stole” the match on Monday night. Punk said when he’s in the ring with someone, he’s not their best friend; he’s their competitor. Hardy talked about how different they are and Punk agreed. Hardy reiterated that he’d win the title again at The Bash. Mathews thanked them for their time and thanked Jeff Hardy (cheers), then C.M. Punk (boos). Well it was quite obvious what they were doing there. Hardy vs. Jericho is next!

[Commercial Break]


Hardy with a dropkick on Jericho, then a corner clothesline. He missed the corner dropkick however. Abdominal stretch, with the requisite “ask him” included. Hardy hip-tossed out of it. He hit a seated dropkick even though Jericho was laying flat on the mat. Whisper in the Wind connected for two. Jericho rebounded with a Walls of Jericho attempt with no success. Hardy went to the top for a Swanton, but Jericho escaped the ring. Hardy went to jump on him, but Jericho side-step him and Hardy went face-first into the barricade. Jericho threw Hardy back into the ring when one of three men sitting at ringside dressed as Rey Mysterio jumped off the barricade and landed a headscissors on Jericho that sent him face-first into the ringpost. He couldn’t make it back in the ring before the count of ten.

WINNER: Hardy, at 5:05.

-After the match, Hardy hit the Swanton on Jericho.

-Layla, Maria and Eve Torres were all backstage. Layla and Eve were aruging over hairspray and Maria played ref. Dolph Ziggler came up to them and the ladies all said his name wrong before he could introduce himself. They ended the segment seemingly getting along.

[Commercial Break]


Ziggler has new music, for those who are interested in those types of things. Khali grabbed Ziggler’s foot and clotheslined him, then chopped him in the chest. Big boot on Ziggler and this one looked to be over as soon as it started. He got Dolph by the throat, but Dolph went after the legs of Khali. Ranjin Singh got on the apron to argue with the ref. Ziggler got a chair and Khali knocked it out of the air. Ziggler played dead and the ref saw Khali with the chair, so he DQ’d Khali.

WINNER: Ziggler via DQ, at 2:04. Remember when refs could only call stuff they saw?

-Grisham plugged Rey Mysterio vs. C.M. Punk for later tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-Grisham and Ross talked about what happened this past week on Raw. Then we got the Raw Rebound to really hammer it home.


Tilt-a-whirl back-breaker by Fox after Melina did the Matrix dodge and kick. Fox got Melina down on the mat and into a body-scissors. After stretching Melina some more, Melina came back with her finisher for the win.

WINNER: Melina, at 1:44.

Michelle McCool, who was at ringside for Fox, attacked after the match, including ramming her knee into Melina’s head while Melina was propped against the commentator’s table. McCool said she wouldn’t just beat Melina at The Bash, she was going to humiliate her.

-Up next, John Morrison vs. Edge. It would’ve been nice to have this plugged earlier.

[Commercial Break]

-Edge came out and worked the mic before the match- he said the Triple-Threat match wasn’t going to cut it for his re-match clause. Edge then focused his mic work on Morrison, saying he felt pity for Morrison, but John’s music cut him off. Edge called Morrison another person who wants to be him, then made fun of his coat. Morrison countered by accusing Edge of no longer being innovative or entertaining. He said he even fast-forwards past Edge on his DVR. They threw in another shot at Vickie Guerrero as well. Morrison said he’s tired of Edge complaining, so he’ll give him something else to complain about.

[Commercial Break]


The match began as the show returned from break. Morrison worked to frustrate Edge early on. Morrison worked the arm with arm-bars and arm-drags as the match began slowly. The tide turned when Edge got a knee-lift in. Edge concentrated on the polished abdominal region of Morrison. Edge went to some heel tactics by choking Morrison in the middle ropes. Morrison made a comeback that ended with a two-count, as Edge caught him on the top rope and dropped him chest-first across the top rope. Morrison was writhing on the outside as the show went to break.

[Commercial Break]

Morrison tried to work out of a waist-lock and did, but was taken back to the mat by Edge. Another waist-lock and Morrison elbowed out. Credit the crowd, they seemed to stay with the match despite it’s slower pace. Morrison with a knee to the face of Edge that garnered him a two-count. Pele kick sent Edge to the floor. He was caught on a baseball slide attempt, but Morrison head-scissored Edge into the ring steps. Flying Chuck Kick missed and Edge locked in the Sharpshooter. Morrison again went on offense and set up Starship Pain, but Edge wasn’t having any of it. After being crotched on the top rope, Morrison rolled up Edge for two, but on the kick-out, his shoulder rammed the ring post. Edge smelled blood and set up for the Spear. Morrison leapt over it and hit the Flying Chuck Kick for two. Moonlight Drive was blocked and Edge hit the Edgecution for two. After missing again with the Starship Pain, Edge speared him and picked up the “W.”

WINNER: Edge, at 16:47. Nothing to complain about here.

-C.M. Punk vs. Rey Mysterio was plugged again for tonight.

[Commercial Break]


Flying shoulderblock by JTG for a near-fall on Ortiz. Shad came in and a shoulder tackle later, he got a two-count on Ortiz. Shad was a bit overzealous on offense, causing Ortiz to take over. Haas tagged in and continued to work Shad over. Shad finally made the tag to R-Truth, who was stopped in his tracks by Benjamin. Truth went for a pin, but it was broken up by Haas and Ortiz. Things predictably broke down, leaving Truth and Benjamin in the ring. Benjamin got booted in the gut coming off the top and was on the receiving end of a flying, twisting forearm to pick up the victory.

WINNERS: Cryme Tyme & R-Truth, at 4:05.

-C.M. Punk vs. Rey Mysterio is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Rey got the mic prior to the match and before Punk could come out. He talked about being jumped by Jericho last month, then returning the favor tonight. Mysterio said it’s not over until the I.C. Title is back around his waist. He then issued a challenge to Chris for a championship match at the Bash. Jericho walked out, mic in hand. Jericho said he’s not giving Mysterio any more chances for the Intercontinental title. Mysterio said if it weren’t for Jericho’s mask fetish, he’d still be champion. Jericho said he knows best for the fans and for Rey. He tried to preach that he’d lead Rey to the promised land. It sounded like Jericho’s voice was post-produced for a couple lines and the camera stayed on Rey longer than usual as well. Rey said he wears the mask because of his heritage. He said if there’s anything he’s ashamed of, it’s that Jericho is walking around as I.C. champ. Jericho said he’d open Rey’s eyes to prove his mask is his downfall. Jericho said Rey would take off the mask forever. He told Rey to put up the mask and he’ll give him a title shot. Mysterio took a while to ponder it, and said it was the only way to expose Jericho as the hypocrite that he is- Rey then accepted.

[Commercial Break]


Jericho was on commentary for this match. Rey and Punk shook hands prior to the match. Mysterio dropkicked Punk’s knee, working over the part of the body he injured on Monday night. Punk dropped Mysterio face-first on the top turnbuckle. When the camera was on him, it looked as if Jericho was intently watching the action, even while providing analysis. Punk snuck out of the ring on a 619 attempt. They went to break with Punk holding his head on the outside.

[Commercial Break]

Punk was on offense out of break. Rey was sent high in the air and landed hard on his stomach. Both men were down and the crowd began to chant “619.” Crossbody by Rey for two. Headscissor take-down on Punk. 619 set up, but Punk tossed him over his head. Rey landed on the apron and took Punk down, then Punk came back with a spinning heel kick. Punk struck with his knee, but couldn’t hit the bulldog. He avoided another 619 and Mysterio then got out of a GTS attempt and rolled Punk up for two. Both men were slow to reach their feet. Punk dumped Rey to ringside when Rey held onto the ropes on a GTS try. Jericho saw an opportunity and threw Rey into the ring post. Jericho called it “an eye for an eye.” The official got the count up to nine, but Mysterio made it back in, much to Jericho’s chagrin. Punk went right back on him with a GTS to pick up the pinfall.

WINNER: Punk, at 11:41. Another solid match, as one would expect.

Jeff Hardy came out to argue with the ref about Jericho’s attack and Hardy seemed to lay some blame at the feet of Punk, though he didn’t have a mic. Punk raised the title over his head and limped to the back as fans booed.

Greg Parks has been covering Smackdown for since January of 2007. You can also hear him every-other-week in the post-Raw audio show in the Torch VIP audio section and read his all-new blog in the VIP forum. Check out his column each week in the PDF-exclusive version of the Torch Newsletter. Comments, questions and feedback are welcome, and can be sent to

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Great Show
21 Jun 2009, 07:35
Smackdown, for the last several weeks, has been like a free PPV. Someone, awhile back said the Torch should have a "Free TV match of the Year." Morrison Vs Edge gets my vote, but the whole show was great. Punk as a tweener that fans boo (even though he's doing nothing wrong) is a fantastic story in development.

McCool's kick to Melina's head, while both were still in the ring was just awesome.

Even the Ziggler match and 6-man tag match were worth watching.

Smackdown is consistently everything RAW is not. They have six top stars, none of which are Superman, battling it out every week in athletic matches that keep you on the edge of your seat.

People are saying how good Miz is on Raw. I'm noticing how unbelievable Morrison is on Smackdown. He should now regularly be in the main event mix. That match with Edge, and his mic work before the match, have brought him to a whole new level. now shows Smackdown every week. If you missed the last two, catch them there and see how good a weekly wrestling show can be.
21 Jun 2009, 09:54
IMO, on a week-to-week basis this is the best wrestling show I've seen since Raw and Smackdown in 2000. It really is amazing, even better than Smackdown in late 2002 because the new "Smackdown six" (Edge, Jericho, Rey, Hardy, Punk, Morrison) are main-eventing.

Edge-Morrison was awesome. I hope HHH was watching because that's how you put over someone even if you beat them. Congrats to Morrison for a breakout performance. I think it also made Edge look stronger than any of his recent 4 world title victories because he won a great match clean.

All the main programmes on Smackdown are so good and, better yet, there's so much more to come. Jericho can feud with Hardy (if he stays), Rey can feud with Punk. Morrison and Punk have shown they can hang with the main event guys and I wouldn't be surprised if R-Truth and Ziggler will soon be doing the same.

I just hope WWE sticks with this formula even if ratings don't increase. Remember that it took over 1 year of solid TV programming in 1997/early 1998 before Raw ratings went back up.
21 Jun 2009, 10:40
Ziggler's new theme sucks! His old one was way better.
21 Jun 2009, 13:14
I agree , Smackdown blows Raw out of the water right now. They have a much more athletic roster than Raw with much better booking.If they could just find some gimmick to help Shelton Benjamin get a push everything would be great.Actually I find ECW a more interesting show than raw right now. The Baby Oil Boys club might be the most boring heel group,HHH is so stale,other than the mic work of Marella and Miz nothing interests me on the show.
21 Jun 2009, 14:25
Smackdown IS the premire show of WWE right doubt about. This entire show was great.

Of all the matches, the one I must comment on is Edge/Morrison. It is about time they starting pushing this young man, and even though he lost to Edge, Morrison and Edge put on and PPV match. If he continues to work with Edge and maybe goes on to Jericho to feud with, it will really help him. Morrison has the look, the attitude, and is learning how to handle himself on the mic. The perfect storm.
21 Jun 2009, 16:16
Smackdown has got better and Raw has got worse. Smackdown has really interesting superstars who are great in ring and on mike.

Jericho, Punk, Edge, Ray, Morrison, Undertaker, Umaga, even Dolph Ziggler make it a great show.

Raw's top superstars- HHH, Orton, Legacy, Cena, Batista, Big Show just make it a boring, oily, musclefest that is just getting old. Kofi is good, but he has not mike-presence, Matt Hardy, William Regal are very boring too.

The most interesting superstars on Raw are Maryse, Santino Marella and Miz. Raw badly needs HBK and Mr. Kennedy back.
Wildo & Ingus Jynx
21 Jun 2009, 17:30
Yeah i really dug Ziggler's old music.His new music is pure crap
The Freakin' Deacon
21 Jun 2009, 17:35
Smackdown knows how to use their stars.Brian Kendrick, Jamie Noble, Regal, Hardy, Chavo COULD all be interesting & put on great matches on Raw, but they're all buried & given the TNA-style 3 minute matches that mean nothing & are instantly forgottenIf Raw would push the undercard a little instead of the exact same boring-ass main eventers constantly, as well as Legacy, the most boring & least talented heel group in history, maybe the show would be worth a damn
Wildo & Ingus Jynx
21 Jun 2009, 17:37
Well, I'm sure the mere prescence of Donald Trump will fix everything...cant wait!...*sob*
22 Jun 2009, 09:18
another week another boring Ziggler/Khali feud. Please start pushing Ziggler into some sort of title hunt!
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