Rose Gardens
Rose Gardens
The Italian Rose Garden on the south side of the castle was planned in the 19th century as a strictly geometrical architecture. The outer scope of the garden is made up by a pergola of climbing roses and other climbing plants and creepers. The garden itself is devoted to the nobler sorts of roses of both older and new cultivation. Floribunda and polyantha roses give pleasure with their abundance of blossoms. High stems of roses divide the garden and make the guest familiar with the fragrance of these plants.

Promenade of Fragrance and History of the Roses
One of the most beautiful walks of the island tempts you with lovely fragrances and flaunts with historical treasures: the rose collection, praised by experts, contains more than 800 sorts of roses. Especially precious are the old roses, many wild forms among them which probably embellished oriental gardens 3.000 years ago. The flowering season starts at the beginning of May when many wild and very rare roses burst into blossom. Apart from the wild roses there are new cultivations of repeatedly flowering and long-flowering rose hybrids. It is always an unforgettable experience for our guests to see the roses in full bloom in June.

Where sound advice prospers
The informative garden of roses next to the “Road of wild and bush roses” is a show garden and offers a lot of suggestions and help when you deal with roses in your private garden. 400 sorts on 3.000 square metres illustrate the whole diversity of the genus. Here you can study combinations with herbaceous or woody plants and grasses and pick up the best ideas: odorous roses, cutting roses, old roses, white roses and their blue companions and much more.

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