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Welcome To

Welcome to My name is Zhang Yang.

My interests are quite wide, especially on CG & digital electronic.
I hope you can enjoy them with me.
You may also very interested in some photos I took around my travel.

If you have some comments or questions , HERE is my guestbook.


Created on 2003-02-04 10:24:27 by install
Updated on 2006-09-19 20:46:11 by zhangy
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Ambient Occlusion baking into vertex color

Posted by: zhangy on 12/07/2008 07:17 (Read: )
This is a ambient occlusion into vertex color tool.
It's based on nvidia's dynamic ambient occlusion paper. I use cuda to calculate the ao for each vertex. Compare with cpu, using gpu is 22X times faster in this case.
More information

GPU+PFlow: Interesting ?

Posted by: zhangy on 10/03/2008 02:44 (Read: )
Beside work. I'm looking at CUDA(Compute Unified Device Architecture) recently and trying a pflow plugin to use the cuda for acceleration. It works and almost play in real-time for more than 32000 particles with collision!! take a look at this video(you need xvid codec) and rendered mov.
here is collision with a sphere
sphere collision
Download the plugin
I'll post more updates regarding this.

pflow: Spline vortex plugin updated.

Posted by: zhangy on 06/08/2008 06:07 (Read: )
Didn't update the homepage recently. I decided left autodesk end of 2007 and joined EA as senior technicial artist now. I think it's a better position for me, bring me a clearer future path.
Ok. not much updates, here is a better spline vortex plugin for pflow which give you a better control.
check it here

ParticleFlow Fluid solver

Posted by: zhangy on 05/03/2007 03:58 (Read: )
This solver is based on Jos Stam's paper "Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games". It's a 2D solver and I converted to a 3D solver so the speed is not realtime anymore but still acceptable. I'll post the plugin shortly when it's finished.
Here you will find more Info

Parameter Wiring Tools Updated

Posted by: zhangy on 03/30/2007 06:21 (Read: )
Now with the auto wire and wire scan function. check the demo2 video for instruction.

PFlow script and plugin updated

Posted by: zhangy on 09/19/2006 08:58 (Read: )
I created a pflow script to scale the particle size based on the texture. check the demo here
Click Here

also I try to create my first PFlow plugin. it the C++ version of my tornado pflow script.
check it here

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