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"I think with each album we've been able to integrate more and more of who we are." - Alisa

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We recently had the opportunity to meet ZOEgirl and learn more about them...

MQ: Do you have a mission statement?

Alisa: We do. I think it is basically two-fold. Number one, to introduce people to Jesus that don't already know Him. And number two, just to infuse kids that already know Him with a passion and an excitement about what they believe in.

MQ: How would you describe your sound to someone who is not familiar with it?

Alisa: Definitely, heartfelt rock grooves with pop hooks with touches of ...touches of, who knows what! (laughs) I don't know how to describe it.

MQ: How does this album differ from your previous albums - lyrically and sonically?

Alisa: I think lyrically we've been able to go a little deeper, because our audience has matured a lot - where we may have in the past felt a little more confined as far as - we didn't want to take it too mature, or too deep. We weren't really worried about that this time because we know our audience has grown up a lot. Even just getting to know our audience better, we know that they are very deep and need to be talked to about the things that they are going through. Lyrically, I think we've gone a little more worshipful. And sonically, I think we just keep growing. I don't know how to describe it beyond that. I just think that, you have to evolve as an artist - and as a person we grow. So, I think that makes its way into our music.

Crissy: I also think we incorporate a little more of a corporate worship in a few songs. We have a song called 'Forevermore' that I just love. It's a song straight to God. I like the fact that we've incorporated a little more of that.

MQ: Any other particular songs on the album that stand out for you and why?

Alisa: There's a few. We love this album. It was funny too because when we were writing and we were deciding which songs were going to be finalized on the album, it was so hard to choose because every one of them was so much like 'our baby', you know? But a few standouts would probably be 'Dead Serious' , 'Good Girl', 'Scream'...

Crissy: I like 'About You' ...

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