These are some of the awards Gapminder & Staff has received for using and developing innovative and interesting methods to explain the world.

Year Award Description
2009 Top 10 Websites for 2009 Planetizen
2009 Georg and Greta Borgstrom Award,
Swedish Royal Academy of Agriculture and Forestry
Hans Rosling
2008 The Big Debate Award, Dagens Medicine Hans Rosling
2008 Speaker of the Year, Swedish Event Academy Hans Rosling
2007 Knowledge Prize, National Encyclopaedia of Sweden Hans Rosling
2007 Jubilee Prize, Swedish Medical Society Hans Rosling
2007 Statistician of the Year Award,
Swedish Association for Statistics
Hans Rosling
2007 Gapminder World 2006
2006 Årets folkbildare, Swedish Skeptic Society Hans Rosling
2006 Ångpanneföreningens kunskapspris Hans Rosling
2006 Trendalyzer
2005 Årets FN-vän Hans Rosling
2004 Appropriate and Sustainable solution of the month,
Engineers Without Borders - International
2003 Dollar Street
2002 European Academic Software Award (EASA) Dollar Street