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DOTA: Rwar and Slahser on Current Issues

By: Robby - Published February 14, 2008 at 10:12 PM EST - Writer Archive

DotA in ESWC 2008

With ESWC announcing their addition of DotA to the game list, DotA fans were thrilled with the chance to finally compete with international teams on LAN. The DotA community, however, has not been told how exactly ESWC will work, which causes players to wonder how it will become a success.

DarkFire: When ESWC was announced for DotA, I was extremely pleased with the fact that DotA would finally get the opportunity to compete like other eSport games. As this is the first time DotA has seen ESWC, more information needs to be given out. There needs to be much more support through emails, and also on the forums. I am looking forward to the event, and know it will be great!

Slahser: It looks very promising. It is a very professional organization, and i think it's going to be a great event.

Rwar: This game lacked support of this kind of organizations before for some reasons, I am sad DotA was not in ESWC already a few years ago when teamQ was at its glory & domination time for example (I still remember their incredible usage of Pudge and Doom, it was amazing to watch). It’s really great to have ESWC with us now. It will be successful definitely, and I'm glad it finally happened !

We need more communication on the event organization for sure, but I guess they will work on this & other necessary things now.

Asian DotA

The heated debate that is an ongoing battle between Asia, and the rest of the world is how the Asian teams can compete against the Internationally top teams. Many Asian teams enter the PriDe tournaments, some even do well, and yet some do not enter at all. XcN is considered Asia's top team at this time, but as PriDe #9 started, they were no where to be seen.

DarkFire: Asian's have gone on and on far too long on how they can compete with the internationally top teams. Some say XcN can defeat VP, yet we have seen nothing. The closest an Asian team has gotten in an international tournament is when Kingsurf reached third in MYM PriDe #8. Though this was a huge success, where are all of the other teams?

I will hand it to the players from Asia though, they are always there to show how much of a fan boy they can be! Not only do they say that the Asian teams lag every game, which I do not deny the lag, but they also comment on how much better XcN is then other teams, when XcN has yet to compete in an international event.

Looking at the recent results for the MYM PriDe #9 Preliminary Playoffs, Kingsurf is again the only Asian team to advance. Though I respect how Asians are true fan boys of teams such as XcN and Ks, but one must look at the results of the international tournaments to see how far behind Asian DotA truly is. I am hoping to see XcN compete in the next international tournament.

Slahser: The Asian DotA scene definitely has teams which are able to compete on the top level. Though this is often not a reality in online events, mainly because of the big distance between European and American teams. We met Zenith at Dreamhack with no lag, but unfortunate we didn't play against them. SK did, and zenith was able to put up a very good fight, despite losing in the end.

Rwar: I’ve taken a look randomly at some ADC07 replays, on one hand some players are really good (lakuci, papaxiong, yamateh, for example amongst others), on another hand, I've seen some nightmare lanes I barely understand like « TB LEO TOP SENTI ??? » (Terrorblade and  Skeleton King top Sentinel) I probably underestimate the drain impact after the bolt, or the baby sitting effect of leoric. Considering the level of their Asian final, I don’t see them getting first place in any international tournament like MYM.PriDe against Euro finalists, if they don’t improve the team synergy/strategy. Prove me wrong!

The New DotA Map

IceFrog has just released the next map in the DotA Allstars series, with the 6.50 versions being released. In this version, many hero changes, item changes, and map changes, were aimed for the competitive side of DotA, as many balances occurred.

DarkFire: Let me start off by saying the new map is one of the best things to happen to the balance of DotA for some time. Not only did IceFrog focus on the competitive aspect of DotA, he only added one new hero, Invoker. The whole map was changed around, as well as the items, and many heroes.

Scourge can no longer pull neutral creeps to middle, but they can now pull neutral creeps to their top lane. The creeps now make it practically impossible for some heroes, which has its pros and cons. I do expect to see many more tri-lanes now, instead of placing a hero into the jungle!

Everyone really needs to stop crying about the new version, for it has finally been made to balance competitive DotA. Of course some things may need to be changed, but IceFrog is extremely active in changing DotA around for the better. When the siege units were first introduced, everyone was flaming IceFrog, but it turns out the siege units were a great help in the competitive scene.

Slahser: I love it. There is so much focus on balance and making more heroes viable in competitive play in this version, and I think Icefrog is heading in the right direction. Right now there are 80 heroes, and the community doesn't really need anymore at this moment--it's better they are balanced out. Though I am not entirely satisfied. Drow's new ultimate is both boring and unoriginal. I had really hoped for a more creative change to her ultimate, instead of just nerfing her agility gain a little and giving her a ultimate similar to centaurs.

Rwar: That’s a huge changelog. I like most of the the minor changes, it's aiming for a global balancing on heroes/item/side/etc –I think- to make more heroes available on competitive gaming... and Icefrog is on the good way.

I’m sad about some rework still, for examples:

- Black Hole should "pause" units inside to prevent affected units to break with items like Eul/Guinsoo, and the duration should be larger as the ultimate is leveled.

- Maiden should have greater move speed, and have a longer ultimate duration.

- I don’t understand why Eul & Guinsoo were split, how should we adapt league rules to that?

I guess I should probably try to get in contact with Icefrog instead of listing everything there!

Blink nerf is probably the most noticeable & the better thing of the 6.50 map, on another side it makes Akasha more powerful and this is bad, even if you have to level up her blink now she’s still a dominant pick.


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