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Ciara 'Work' UK video premiere

The Ciara 'Work' video will be exclusively premiered on Channel 4 and 4Music on Tuesday 23rd June.

It will premiere on 4Music at 7pm (preceded by a trailer for the video on Channel 4 after Hollyoaks) and Channel 4 will then follow with the video at 00.10am after 'My Name is Earl'

Make sure you log in to Ciara's Bebo page to let Ciara know what you thought of her new dance routine!

The video will be added to her Bebo profile on Wednesday - in the meantime, you can check her out right now on b-Box

Comments for this News article

Ciara. Ciara. C.I.A.R.A!!!! This video is CRAZY! This was a reminder to all your fans and all your hater's that you are still here and that you aren't going anywhere. The video is different, it's original and it's standards above the video's of this year. So yeh, I'm a Ciara fan...(A MASSIVE one) so i am a little biased. BUT, I've talked to my friends & family and seen video reviews on youtube and EVERYONE agrees with me on this. You worked it. You officially have a sexier body than Rihanna and Beyonce. I am proud of you Cici!!! Love you forever. P.S. I'ma learn those moves for the clubs "I bet you cant do it like me"