Italy Willing To Open Tehran Embassy To Protesters

Posted by Alex On June - 21st - 2009

Italy is willing to open its embassy in Tehran to wounded protesters in coordination with other European nations, the Italian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

Quick Guide To Twittering The Iran Revolution

Posted by Alex On June - 21st - 2009

A how to guide to twittering about the Iranian election crisis.

Iran-50 Cities Had More Votes Than Voters

Posted by Alex On June - 22nd - 2009

In 50 Iranian cities the number of votes cast in this month presidential election exceeded the number of eligible voters, the state's election watchdog admitted today. The surprising admission by the Guardian Council was, however, designed to undermine the claims of the defeated candidates that the vote was rigged.

Iran-Faces Of The Basij

Posted by Alex On June - 20th - 2009

Images of the Iranian Basij

Next Stop - Civil Disobedience

Posted by Jaime On June - 19th - 2009

On Tuesday, Savage Love columnist and podcaster Dan Savage wrote an interesting article addressing how queer Americans should approach the Obama administration's repugnant avoidance of campaign-trail promises.

Public Gay Book Burning

Posted by Alex On June - 17th - 2009

A Christian group called the CCLU is trying to have a gay book publicly burned.

List of Journalist and Politicians Detained in Iran

Posted by Alex On June - 21st - 2009

An unconfirmed list of the reporters, bloggers and politicians being detained in Iran.

Focus On The Family Lies

Posted by Alex On June - 18th - 2009

Truth Wins Out Catches Focus On The Family In A Lie






New Iranian President Ahmadinejad claimed victory today while holding a press conference. Further reports are coming out of Iran that over a hundred reformist have been arrested and cell phone/text messaging has been jammed. Protest and riots are still going on. Several websites including Facebook are down, leaving the Iranian people pretty much without communication. All this further leads to speculation about the so called “election”.

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 14 09.32

A key theme appeared when Ahmadinejad took questions from Western reporters. He dodged many of their questions. When asked by a CNN reporter if he would guarantee the safety of former Presidential opposing candidate, Mir Hossein Moussavi, Ahmadinejad avoided the questions. He said something about traffic violations and a sports stadium. Apparently saying Moussavi had been arrested for traffic violations, but that may have been symbolic for another meaning. Here is one statement he said during the conference:

"Some people are sentimental and become excited," he added. "As I said, I compared it to a soccer match. Their team has not won in the match."

"In the end, I don't think we'll have any serious challenges," he said. "Sentiments are high and sometimes they do some stuff on the streets, but in the end we had 40 million people participating and what is happening on the streets is like a football match."

At one point he also said Iran was the most stable country in the world. Later when asked about women’s rights, Ahmadinejad once again attempted to dodge around the question but ended up talking about blood money. According to the Iranian President, when it comes to blood money, the money when one spouse passes away, men are actually discriminated against. 

ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 14 09.32 Moussavi has not been heard from since the election, when he claimed the election had not been fair. A pro-Ahmadinejad rally is being held later today.

*Photos Via CNN and their affiliates.

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