Italy Willing To Open Tehran Embassy To Protesters

Posted by Alex On June - 21st - 2009

Italy is willing to open its embassy in Tehran to wounded protesters in coordination with other European nations, the Italian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

Quick Guide To Twittering The Iran Revolution

Posted by Alex On June - 21st - 2009

A how to guide to twittering about the Iranian election crisis.

Iran-50 Cities Had More Votes Than Voters

Posted by Alex On June - 22nd - 2009

In 50 Iranian cities the number of votes cast in this month presidential election exceeded the number of eligible voters, the state's election watchdog admitted today. The surprising admission by the Guardian Council was, however, designed to undermine the claims of the defeated candidates that the vote was rigged.

Iran-Faces Of The Basij

Posted by Alex On June - 20th - 2009

Images of the Iranian Basij

Next Stop - Civil Disobedience

Posted by Jaime On June - 19th - 2009

On Tuesday, Savage Love columnist and podcaster Dan Savage wrote an interesting article addressing how queer Americans should approach the Obama administration's repugnant avoidance of campaign-trail promises.

Public Gay Book Burning

Posted by Alex On June - 17th - 2009

A Christian group called the CCLU is trying to have a gay book publicly burned.

List of Journalist and Politicians Detained in Iran

Posted by Alex On June - 21st - 2009

An unconfirmed list of the reporters, bloggers and politicians being detained in Iran.

Focus On The Family Lies

Posted by Alex On June - 18th - 2009

Truth Wins Out Catches Focus On The Family In A Lie

Rockstar Vs. Internet

Posted by Alex On 4:45 PM


I never drink Rockstar energy drinks because of the “alleged” affiliate ship with the ass hole Michael Savage. The rightwing homophobic bigot. Not to mention it taste like shit. Well in April, Bilerico reported on the connections between Savage and the drink company, of which Savage’s own son is head. Apparently however someone way up in the Rockstar empire, is ashamed of Daddy Savage. They have started firing off lawsuits in all directions across the web, towards Facebook users and bloggers alike, like a holocaust of free thought.

Possibly the most prominent lawsuit threat was towards the LGBT blog, The Bilerico Project. Rockstar may have gone to far and someone is standing up to the big bully. Rockstar is threatening to sue Bilerico because of the claim that the company is affiliated with Michael Savage. Here are the two sentence Rockstar is threatening the lawsuit over:

“It [Rockstar Energy Drink] was co-founded by conservative radio host Michael Savage.”

“Michael Savage is reaping profits from the selling of Rockstar Energy Drink.”

Rockstar claims that Savage only advised his son in the beginning and that Savage does not receive profits from the company.

My response is, even if and I doubt it, Michael Savage is not affiliated with Rockstar, his son, Russell Weiner, is still a homophobic prick. We should still boycott the damn company and I will never drink it’s products. At a concert, Weiner, called his father the leader and said:

"Who's heterosexual and proud? [...] If you're not, hopefully you will be soon!"

Weiner believes in most of his father beliefs and is a member in most of the same groups.

You can read the original Bilerico article here, and the update Bilerico has posted here.

1 Response to "Rockstar Vs. Internet"

  1. gaylondon Said,

    We banned Savage from coming to the UK, and he tried to sue our Home Secretary. He was apparently upset that he was put on a list with rapists, terrorists and murderers - or whatever. I say, good! If you're a homophobic bigot, you deserve to be banned from the UK.

    Never tried Rockstar drinks. Never. Will. Either.