Thanks to Eric Fischer for giving me and Nick Karels (who set up the SF roadgeek meetings) this map, which provides some insight into the 1968 rerouting of I-280, as well as the planned CA 87 freeway.  (Comments will show under each map.)

In this first map, we can see that the 1968 renumbering proposal in action.  CA 87 is still proposed on the CA 230 routing (but CA 230 and CA 87 split off south of the San Mateo County line).  CA 82 and CA 87 each are shown on portions of what is now I-280, while CA 1 is shown as just CA 1, unlike...

I-480 no longer exists, CA 480 is now shown as going up to just Broadway.  However, US 50 is still signed on the SF Skyway and Bay Bridge; this would end by 1970.  (Mistakenly, I-280 is shown on the Bridge as well.)  I-80 is still shown on the Central Freeway, although the death of the Western Freeway would conclude I-80's days of multiplexing with US 101 there.

In map #2, we see a snapshot of the SOMA area, where CA 480 had split off of I-80 until 1990.  I-280 is shown off to the side, while CA 87 is labeled directly on the Southern Freeway.  Could this be a way to mark that I-280 was only a proposed renumbering?  The ramps here are probably artist's conceptions.

Map #3 shows "CA 280" on CA 1.  As it is not being shown off to the side, unlike the I-280 shield on the Southern, this may be a reflection of pre-existing designation.  (I-280 was proposed on this route from 1947-1968, as seen in David Gwynn's map.)

Map #4 shows CA 87 on the Southern with I-280 shield on the side, as well as I-80 on the Central Freeway with US 101.  US 101 however is shown standalone north of the current (2001) freeway ending, where I-80 would have split off.

Map #5 is very interesting - it shows the planned Army Street/Southern Crossing Connector (Hunters Point Freeway East Bypass) interchange, of which only
stub ramps remain.  I-280 shield is once again off to teh side, but CA 82 and 87 are each on top of their respective routings.  The proposed interchange would have been a directional Y, with left exits to reflect that the through route is CA 87.  (This explains the end of the double deck section over here, as well as the aforementioned stub ramps.)

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