Ever wonder how journalist and bloggers seem to check hundreds of sites every day? Well they don’t do it manually, or atleast I hope they don’t.   Thanks to FeedMyInbox, you can get notified whenever there is a new post on a website.  It will check the sites atleast once every 24 hours.

Don’t know if the site has a Feed? They have a bookmarklet that will let you know and subscribe you!  Check out the video:


Tip: Did you know that your cell phone has an email address? And when someone emails that address it sends it to your phone as a text message?  More information here.

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Tip TuesdayLinux is a great operating system for servers. Coincidentally, I run a local linux server and as everyone should know… disk space matters! That’s where today’s quick fix comes in! As a server owner, you will quickly realize how important every little kilobit is when it comes to keeping your server in order.

If you are curious how large your log space is you may run du -hs /var/log

Heres how to compress and backup all your logs to /root/logs-(date).tar.bz2 and wipe all the data out of all the files in /var/log.

  1. Open up a CLI (terminal)
  2. tar -cjf /root/logs-`date +%d%m%y`.tar.bz2 /var/log
  3. find /var/log -type f | xargs sed ‘/^/d’ -i
    • Red: This part of the command will send the path of all the files in /var/log to stdout(the screen)
    • Blue: The xargs command allows us to perform an operation on everything in stdout, as from the previous command displays all the file names, this will let us “merge” a command with the filenames.
    • Green: sed is a streamline editor, basically it will allow us to perform a regular expression. In this case we are deleting all the lines from a file

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Sim Cards!With the abundance of old iPhones, I am sure you can get a 2G/3G cheap off of a friend, craigslist, or Ebay. Did you know Tmobile has an unlimited data plan that can cost $10 every 3 months? You can get this plan easily with an iPhone by jail breaking and unlocking it!

Benefits Over the iTouch

  • Internet everywhere. Not just at hot spots.
  • Ability to tether the iPhone to your Computer/Laptop for a slow but usable connection to the internet anywhere! Guide Here.
  • Using a VoIP App and TextFree, can give you a very cheap calling/texting plan.

Things to Know:

  • If you use the voice it will cost 15 cents. So don’t answer or make a call and you will be fine.
  • Only Edge will work, so disable 3G.
  • You may use the app “TextFree” for text messaging.
  • You are pay as you go, not a contract. Worse they can do is cancel your account not bill you an absurd amount of money and you can just open a new account!
  • You can run out of money on your account but their terms will leave you active for up to 90 days. Terms:

    Service is available for 90 days (one year for $100 refill cards) following activation. Void if not activated within 90 days from purchase. If you don’t refill within 90 days after your last refill expiration date, you will lose your account.

How To:

  1. Purchase a Tmobile sim card online here
  2. Activate the SIM card as a Tmobile Sidekick Plan ($1 / day)
  3. Get an iPhone 2G or 3G, sorry there is no way to unlock a 3GS yet.
  4. Jail Break your iPhone, guide here
  5. Unlock your iPhone, guide here
  6. Place your Tmobile sim card in the iPhone, by inserting a paperclip in the small hole in the top of your iPhone, a compartment will pop out with your current sim.


  • People seem to be confused how it’s $10 for up to 3 months on a $1/day plan. When your account balance is $0, only your pay as you go features(voice/SMS) are effected. Data should remain working until your account is terminated. Tmobile may take this little “exploit” away once it becomes abused, however even if they did a buck a day sure beats AT&T’s price.

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NOTE: This guide will not work for the iPhone 3GS

This guide will use redsn0w to jailbreak your iDevice, unfortunately the iPhone 3GS is not supported yet.  This will wipe all your data on the device, so please sync it with iTunes before you begin to back it all up.  Once Jail Broken you can run custom apps that the App Store denied and run pirated applications.

I know we did a guide a few days ago on Jailbreaking the iPhone, however that does not work on Windows or with the iTouch 2G.  This one will!

What You Need


  1. Find out the generation of your iDevice.
    • iTouch Information here.
    • iPhone users: If your phone is plastic you have the 3G, if it is metal you have the 2G.
  2. Download the appropriate firmware from here.  It will begin with your model and end in “3.0/7A341″
  3. Launch Redsnow.
  4. Click Browse
  5. Locate the firmware that you downloaded.
  6. Select both Cydia & Icy, Click Next
  7. Plug your iDevice in.
  8. Turn your iDevice off.
  9. Click Next
  10. Follow the on screen instructions exactly to put the iDevice in DFU mode. And it’s smooth sailing from here!

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images-51For one reason or another AT&T really does not want iPhones to have MMS on their network until the end of summer.  They have been trying pretty darn hard to stop this, even disabling it on some of the people who enabled it!  However if we can change the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) in AT&T’s database it should not get disabled, as AT&T will not know you have an iPhone.

This task will involve Social Engineering; to edit their database, while this is not illegal AT&T may complain to you.


  • iPhone running 3.0
  • Modified version of ATT_US.ipcc get it here
  • Other AT&T phone(not in use).

We will need to do everything we did before, if you are positive you are on a non-iphone texting plan and already updated the IPCC you may skip to “Changing the IMEI”:

Enabling IPCC Updates for iTunes 8.2


  1. Close iTunes
  2. Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)
  3. Run the command: defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE

Windows 32 Bit

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD
  3. Run this command(If you right-click on the cmd window you can paste): “C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Windows 64 Bit

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD
  3. Run this command(If you right-click on the cmd window you can paste): “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Copying the ipcc to your iPhone

  1. Open iTunes & plug in your phone
  2. Click on your phone in iTunes(under device settings)
  3. Windows Users: hold shift and click “Check for updates”.  MAC OS X: hold alt and click “Check for updates”
  4. Select the ipcc you downloaded earlier.

Changing to a MMS Plan

  1. Remove the sim cards from both the iPhone and your non-Apple phone
  2. Place the iPhone sim card into the non-Apple phone
  3. Power on the new phone
  4. Make a phone call or two (your voicemail works)
  5. Log in to your myWireless account at wireless.att.com
  6. It should now say that your device is whatever you put your SIM into. If it doesn’t, repeat step 4 a few times.
  7. Go to the “Features” tab
  8. Select a “Messaging Plan”, one that isn’t an iPhone plan.
  9. Click next and go through all the legal crap

Changing the IMEI (SIM Card should be in the non-iphone)

  1. Pull the IMEI off your non-iphone & write it down.  As we don’t know what phone you have we can’t tell you where to go, try googling it and if you can’t find it please let us know your phone make&model here
  2. Call yourself from the non-iphone, let it go into the voice mail and hang up.
  3. Call 611
  4. Tell them you switched phones and need to update the IMEI
  5. Give them the IMEI
  6. If they try to get you to switch Data Plans, make up a fake emergency and tell them you will call back & hang up.
  7. Wait ~5 minutes.
  8. Try sending a MMS, if it works than switch the sim back with your iPhone & reboot… if it doesn’t repeat steps 2-6 (you will get a diff rep)

[via: Krillr]

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images1If you are running a Jailbroken iPhone on firmware 3.0 and tired of the carrier your phone is locked to; you may now unlock it, thanks to the dev-team.  As we write this post there is no way to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS, so you will not be able to unlock it.

What You Need


Note: tmobile USA customers should disable 3G before beginning.  To get to the setting go to: Settings > General > Network

  1. Open Cydia, this is an application that is installed when you jail break your device.
  2. Go to the Manage tab, the “tabs” are located at the bottom.
  3. Select the Sources option
  4. Select the Edit button, this is located in the top right.
  5. Select the Add button, this is located in the top left.
  6. Input repo666.ultrasn0w.com (note: the 0 in snow is a zero)in the text box it should read http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com/ and press Add Source.
  7. You may get a warning, select “Add Anyway“,  If you get any other error make sure you have typed the correct URL, that o in snow is a 0(zero)
  8. As it will update every source not just the one we added, you may get errors in which you can ignore.
  9. Once it is all done go back to the main cydia menu and press the search tab
  10. Search for ultrasn0w (again the o in snow is a 0) and install
  11. Reboot your iPhone 3G

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