Italy Willing To Open Tehran Embassy To Protesters

Posted by Alex On June - 21st - 2009

Italy is willing to open its embassy in Tehran to wounded protesters in coordination with other European nations, the Italian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

Quick Guide To Twittering The Iran Revolution

Posted by Alex On June - 21st - 2009

A how to guide to twittering about the Iranian election crisis.

Iran-50 Cities Had More Votes Than Voters

Posted by Alex On June - 22nd - 2009

In 50 Iranian cities the number of votes cast in this month presidential election exceeded the number of eligible voters, the state's election watchdog admitted today. The surprising admission by the Guardian Council was, however, designed to undermine the claims of the defeated candidates that the vote was rigged.

Iran-Faces Of The Basij

Posted by Alex On June - 20th - 2009

Images of the Iranian Basij

Next Stop - Civil Disobedience

Posted by Jaime On June - 19th - 2009

On Tuesday, Savage Love columnist and podcaster Dan Savage wrote an interesting article addressing how queer Americans should approach the Obama administration's repugnant avoidance of campaign-trail promises.

Public Gay Book Burning

Posted by Alex On June - 17th - 2009

A Christian group called the CCLU is trying to have a gay book publicly burned.

List of Journalist and Politicians Detained in Iran

Posted by Alex On June - 21st - 2009

An unconfirmed list of the reporters, bloggers and politicians being detained in Iran.

Focus On The Family Lies

Posted by Alex On June - 18th - 2009

Truth Wins Out Catches Focus On The Family In A Lie

Not Just "Passing" Anymore

Posted by mysie On 4:17 AM
Hello fellow free thinkers, I'm Mysie. Alex sent out the call for gay atheists to help contribute to the site, and he seems to have rounded up quite an eclectic mix of folks. I have a feeling we're not all going to see eye-to-eye on everything, so I think it's going to be an interesting time as we each open ourselves up to our audience, as well as each other. So to my fellow contributors I say well met, and to our audience I send my hope that this is going to be as exciting for you as it will be for us.

As for myself... I currently live with a very special set of circumstances that allow me to "pass" for normal in many ways that I feel I'm truly not. I'm an atheist, bisexual, identify as a mixed-race Hawaiian/Caucasion American, have communist and socialist leanings, support legalizing drugs, and I'm clinically depressed with various other un-fabulous ailments. Thing is, I look "normal", boring, "mousey", and caucasian. When was the last time you were in line at the market behind a white 30-something clad all in Old Navy and you had the burning suspicion she was an atheist? Questioned her sexuality? Wondered about her drug use or mental health? Did I mention that I live just outside of Seattle? And now that Prop 8 passed in California and our Right-to-Die law is in place, Washington is the crazy-liberal state. So people here are less inclined to wonder if someone is "different", or care if they find out that you are.

This all makes me feel a little guilty because all of these "differences" are very important to me and yet I usually let people hold onto their preconceptions about me. I still crave social acceptance more than I wish I did. Take all of this together, and I've developed very definite opinions about almost everything and I'll talk to anyone who asks about it. But I don't usually go out of my way to shout it from the roof tops. Usually.

I'm hoping that blogging here will help me change that.

In closing, I'd like to ask: how many of you consider yourselves "true" atheists? I'm not going to throw out a definition and see if you meet my qualifications. I want to know how you define yourself, deep down inside. And while we're at it, how close are you to identifying publicly the same way you feel in your heart of hearts? I'm really curious, since I've only met two people who call themselves atheists without adding some sort of provision at the end of their declaration. As for me, I self-define as "atheist, but..." Maybe I'll write about this topic more in my next post. Until then, thanks for stopping by and reading what I have to say.

2 Response to "Not Just "Passing" Anymore"

  1. paul Said,

    I am an atheist. There is nothing outside of what we can determine through the use of the scientific method. Anything we do not yet know is simply stuff that we have not yet learned how to know. That's the joy of the scientific method.

    With that said, I am also a cultural christian, having grown up in a largely christian society. I believe that there is value in the christian (and other religion's) maxim espoused in the "golden rule."