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Episode 3 questions answered

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thanks for the feedback and questions, everyone. As with the previous Q&As, I'm not going to engage with broad philosophical queries about, for instance, how much we suck. Otherwise, it's pretty much open season.

Eizzie: will the team make up for the two lost episodes or will the season be two episodes down?

It wasn't possible to extend the season – for one thing, our production team are moving onto other projects. So the series will be two episodes shorter – a total of eight. Think of it not as a loss of two episodes, but as a gain of two episodes of Tracy Ullman.

James: Since when did the block on international viewers appear?

The series was never supposed to be available for online streaming for international viewers. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that the series now screens around the world – including on BBC4 as of this week, excitingly. Another important factor is that the web comes with an ever thicker web of legal issues which make limiting the geographical scope of online stuff the most practical, if a somewhat disappointing, solution. However, expats with Australian credit cards can purchase episodes online...

James continues: Though I do have a far more important question. 
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

This may be a more important question, but it sure doesn't read like it.

Jaymz Stephens: What's in the wingdings???
Rebekka: where's the webpoll???

These are great mysteries.

Helen: Is Julian wearing a Stephen Colbert WristStrong bracelet during the sketch at the Vatican ?

Why, yes he is – very observant. Some of the guys attended a taping while they were in NYC.

Kieren: Does the ABC care wether or not you make fun of them? like couldn't they just cancel the show? Also, does the ABC even view the shows before air?

If you've read some of the news stories about the show recently, you'll know that the ABC has a review process in place for the show. The ABC doesn't mind having a bit of fun poked at it, though. Any network that screens so many Penelope Keith programmes develops a decent sense of humour about itself.

Beau: Hi, I was wondering what Charles Firth is up to these days. Will we be seeing him during this season of The Chaser?

Charles has been developing a solo TV career, most recently with Mr Firth Goes To Washington which was nominated for a comedy Logie this year. I'll leave it to him to make his plans public when he's ready to, but rest assured he's working on something...

Matt: Why don't you do the 'What Have We Learnt From a Current Affairs?' segment anymore?

This, along with where the Ad Roadtest is, has been the most popular question of 2009. The answer's simple – we like trying new things. You'll more than likely be seeing a few new segments over the coming weeks.

Anthony: I read in the newspaper and heard on the radio that a skit about the Morans was due to air tonight, but on the show it didn't. Was this cut for time...or taste?

Our tapings are always longer than the final show and then cut down. Some stuff we really like is held over to future weeks to get the episode down to time, and some stuff we drop entirely. The decision to withhold the Moran piece from last night's show was the team's and had nothing to do with any possible offensiveness.

Clay: What about:
D- paranoid ?

What about it? And, more pertinently, what is it?

Edward Hol: how did Craig find driving on the other side of the road like when he was in France?

Craig is an excellent driver, whether in the front seat or the back.

Seb: What was with Andrew's hair tonight? Did he just run out of time? After last times effort I was expecting big things from the hair!!

I can only speculate that Andrew's follicles felt they'd already caused enough offence in previous episodes, and wanted to refocus their attention on the political satire for which they are best known.

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good to see them back, some of us where not to offended by the last sketch, just dont go too safe with the rest of the show, we need to laugh

I'm finding it really difficult to download the episode #3 from th page, it seems like the link is pointing to the wrong place, or it isn't uploaded there

My queston is less to do with Episode 3, and more to do with Monday night's Australian Story episode. Was that Craig Reucassel in the audience of the speaker who was later convicted of murdering his mother? It looks a lot like him...

Hey what happend to that guy who you drove with to france? did he die?

Just out of curiosity, do you think that the chaser's sketch relating to wearing "Michael Jackson" disguises was in any way related to the pop singers demise?

As hilarious as the new sections are, could we just have one ad road test back please?
Or just for one episode, Clive the slightly too loud commuter?
Everyone at my school loves them.
thanks :)

Please do a skit with Michael Jackson's pallbearers doing the moonwalk...

i was wondering can we make some porn about cheese

The Chasers still needs to pull the piss out of "Today Tonight" and "A Current Affair", since they're crappy shows which are full of potential jokes etc, such as "Its cheaper to fly to New Zealand to do you're grocery shopping then to do it in Australia, due to the exchange rates." or something

Lampooning the Make a Wish Foundation and now Apple users? Are you so short of ideas you have to borrow so blatantly from the Onion?

Hi There, Do you know if the real Stig has seen the show? have you had any comments from the BBC show presenters? Very funny btw :)

I heard that this will be the last season of the war. Are you planning another show to replace it?

"Jaymz Stephens: What's in the wingdings???
Rebekka: where's the webpoll???

These are great mysteries."

Not so mysterious anymore.


If you actually bothered to translate this, you are:

a. clearly unemployed
b. clearly a nerd
c. clearly disappointed by now that it’s nothing controversial

I just wanted to send a message of support to the team. What a beat up! I saw the episode in question and thought it hilarious! Why don't these same people get upset about the content of hip hop music or games with their violence etc. Keep up the good work and don't let them change you.

What will you guy's do when the series finishes? Cause i want you guy's to stay on. Or atleast do a new project please!! sux that you only get 2 do 8 episodes now :( onl5 five more episodes to go... but then what will happen. hope you dont disapearm you can go on game shows :) like TGYH or good news week and so on..

on the dvd can you put on bloopers? i love them & REALLY want to see YOU GUY'S laughing at your mistakes heheh

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