“Yeah. They told me she was coming back, and I was floored, because last I knew, she was in New York working. I knew Guiding Light got cancelled. It has been awhile since I had a major story. I had that short storyline last year with the material that I submitted for the Emmys, but I have been used recently to just support other people’s storylines. They told me Crystal was coming back, and I was like, “Oh, that means I am going to be busy!” I had gotten into being a real-life dad. With acting it has sort of been … I go to the studio … do what I’ve got to do, which I love, but I have been being a dad. It’s going to be exciting because Crystal is an astounding actress.”
—Peter Reckell (Bo, DAYS) to Michael Fairman on Crystal Chappell’s impending comeback
Translation: By my own admission, I didn’t have a storyline all year, so that’s why I submitted myself in the lead category. Smart, huh?

“I’m a very lucky actress right now.”
—Crystal Chappell (Olivia, GL) to Soap Opera Digest regarding her DAYS jump
Translation: Suck on that Deidre Hall (ex-Marlena, DAYS)!

“Phyllis is just over Nick at this point.” 
—Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R) in Soap Opera Digest’s umpteenth cover story on the slutty adventures of Sharon
Translation: Just like everyone else on the planet.

“I recently went to Las Vegas with Michael Graziadei [Daniel] and I’m pretty sure I did cry on his shoulder at four in the morning [laughs]!”
—Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R) to Digest on which cast member he leans on during those emotional moments
Translation: And what happened next … stays in Vegas!

All My Children, A/ABC — Meet the new EP: Mr. Goldin
• Which two co-stars are feuding over something said in a recent interview? 

• Who was responsible for convincing Chrishell Stause (Amanda) to re-sign with AMC for an extended six months? Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) admits to Soap Digest that it was all his doing. “I streaked,” he jokes about what he had to do to get his way. “I showed [Chrishell] what everyone was writing about us. I showed her articles — and I promised to brush my teeth! [Then,] I begged my EP.” Hmmm … who knew Goldin still spoke to Barbara Bloom! Bad Nellie … Anyway, it’s nice to see that someone is doing Julie Hanan Carruther’s job — great work, Ricky.

As The World Turns, Global/CBS — Beth Raines moves to Oakdale!
• What budget problems? Despite its terminal ratings, World Turns is throwing around money like it’s going out of style. The CBS sudser added Emmy winner Judi Evans (ex-Adrienne/Bonnie, DAYS; ex-Paulina, AW; ex-Beth, GL) to its cast as Maeve. Evans, who was recently selling cemetery headstones, debuts on Aug. 26. I wonder if this is payback for DAYS stealing Crystal Chappell (Olivia, GL; soon-to-be Carly Branco, DAYS)?

• Was Wall Street desperate? Lynn Herring (Audrey) rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning. Weird.

• According to, GL scribe Lucky Gold will join David Kreizman on the ever-expanding World Turns writing team. Yes, because World Turns doesn't have enough show killers on its staff. It was nice knowing you Oakdale! And with exec Chris Goutman head-writing the soap, according to our sources, why does he need all this “help” anyway?

The Bold and the Beautiful, CTV/CBS — I Hearst Ric
• More intel is coming in regarding Ric Hearst’s highly anticipated B&B comeback. According to those crazy kids at Soap Opera Weekly, Whip begins working at Jackie M as a designer and he sets his sights on Brooke again. Hearst confirms he was indeed in talks with GL to reprise his Emmy-winning role Alan-Michael Spaulding. “This is before they knew the show was cancelled. It would have been a four-to-six month gig,” he says. Hearst has won an Emmy for all of his soap roles except this one (and his short DAYS stint as Scott, but as far as I'm concerned that doesn't count), so expect him to win his fourth statue next year. Hearst hits town on July 17. And I can’t wait.

• Next week, Ridge confesses to Brooke that he partied and played with Taylor. Of course, Brooke is “devastated.” I’m kind of dying to see how Katherine Kelly Lang will choose to act out this scene. If it turns out to be another KKL-killer performance, she’ll more than likely not submit it for Emmy consideration in 2010 because that’s how she rolls.

Days of our Lives, Global/NBC — Welcome to Salem, y’all!
• Character actors are all the rage on soaps: David Leisure (ex-Roger, Y&R) has been cast as Salem’s new district attorney. “He’ll have a few cases on his plate,” executive producer Ken Corday tells

• Catherine Wadkins (ex-Mary, GH) doesn’t mind being typecast as the crazed widow. The actress will appear on the NBC sudser on Aug. 3 and 4 after her character's husband, Carlo, turns up dead. She’ll share scenes with Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip).

• Who needs soaps? Scott and Melissa Reeves (ex-Ryan, Y&R; ex-Jennifer, DAYS, respectively) will star in their own titular two-hour radio show, The Scott and Melissa Show, to air on Cool Broadcasting. How cool is that? The news program will target both country music lovers and soap opera fans.

• Am I being punk’d? That’s how I feel when I watch 2009’s comeback soap, DAYS. This week, the riveting show rivalled Y&R in the creative department. No joke. More in Nelson Ratings Monday.

• Memo to Alison Sweeney (Sami): no one can ever question your acting abilities ever again. You are an actor — and a fine one at that. Brava! In fact, I would dare to call Sweeney’s recent performances “perfect.”, iTunes — Tomlin versus Scott
• Editorial director Jamey Giddens wrote a brilliant op-ed piece on who is really responsible for DAYS’ creative re-birth. Click here to see if you agree.

General Hospital, CTV/ABC — Reunited: Griffith and Guza!
• And the bromance continues: Sunset Beach co-creator Josh Griffith joins forces with his former partner-in-crime, Bob Guza, to pen scripts for GH on a trial basis. G&G created Sunset Beach together with the late, great Aaron Spelling. Most recently, Griffith served as executive producer at Y&R before he was forced out due to a reported war between Maria Arena Bell and the versatile soap player. FYI: He’s also written for One Life, World Turns, and Santa Barbara.

• If you’re bored, you can follow Jason Cook on Twitter by looking up his character name, Dr. Matt Hunter. Very creative, Jason!

• Michael Logan’s favourite GH bad boy, Bruce Weitz, is back as Anthony Zacchara, according to Soap Opera Network. Reportedly, "Weitz's appearance is expected to be for just this one episode, but don't be surprised if he pops back in from time to time as his children's lives continue to fall apart."

• That was fast: Lexi Ainsworth signed a contract with the violent sudser as the sex-crazed Kristina. At press time, there’s no word if she has to sell Monavie Juice as a part of the deal.

Digest is on a news roll again this week: that sexy bastard Sebastian Roche will reprise his role as Jax’s bad-ass brother, Jerry, soon ...

• You were right: Next week, it’s revealed that Dominic is indeed Sonny and Olivia’s spawn, Dante. Sorry, Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan, GL).

Guiding Light, Global/CBS — Today was Tognoni's last tape date!
• On the heels of's shocking reveal that Jeffrey O’Neill will soon die, The Suds Report has exclusively learned that today was Emmy winner Gina Tognoni’s (Dinah) last work day on GL. The former One Life actress refused to extend her GL contract until the finale on Sept. 18. At the very last minute, GL had to re-write long-term story to accommodate Tognoni’s decision to quit her popular role. There is no word yet as to why she didn't re-sign with the cancelled soap. One source speculates that the reason behind Tognoni’s shocking decision could be because she has agreed to a new soap gig. I’ll have more details next week.

• Looks like I need to book a trip to New York! Here’s another sign that GL is deader than Ellen Wheeler’s career: On Aug. 19, the Paley Center for Media will be hosting an event to say goodbye to broadcasting's longest-running program. Scheduled to appear are Wheeler, head writer Jill Lorie Hurst, Kim Zimmer (Reva), Robert Newman (Josh) and Grant Aleksander (Phillip). More stars will be added soon.

• Step away from the machine guns, Otalia fans:'s GL expert Melodie Aikels recently revealed that Natalia will learn she’s preggers with Frank’s baby! The plot twist will pave the way for Jessica Leccia’s (Natalia) mat leave. Poor Olivia — she should have used that sex toy on Natalia much earlier!

The New York Daily News’ Carolyn Hinsey has a revealing interview with Crystal Chappell (Olivia) tomorrow. Don’t miss it. Meanwhile, is reporting that GL actors are free to pursue other lines of employment after Aug. 14.

• In Monday’s Nelson Ratings, former Soap Opera Weekly founder Mimi Torchin will weigh in on the increasingly frustrating Otalia super-romance. Torchin sounds off on these two burning questions: When will they kiss again? And why haven’t they made love yet?

Soap Opera Weekly is going to give's Roger Newcomb a heart attack. For the second week in a row, SPW featured Grant Aleksander (Phillip) on its cover. In the cover story, the magazine reveals that Phillip learns he has three months to live! Hmmm ... I'm guessing his expiry date is somewhere around the vicinity of Sept. 18!

Imaginary Bitches, — IB movie on course!
• Our favourite imaginary American Andrew Miller tells the Suds Report that it’s smooth sailing on the Imaginary Bitches movie front. Miller says, “I’m deep into the second draft of the movie and developing two other TV shows. And yesterday I made a 10-second clip for the Emmy ceremony.” Miller and his talented cast are nominated for outstanding new media approaches. The award will be handed out at the Creative Emmy Awards on Aug. 29 in L.A. — and word is the IB gang will take home the gold.

One Life To Live, A/ABC — Starr and Cole to wed!
• Pay attention Ellen Wheeler: One Life is dark next week because, once again, executive producer Frank Valentini is ahead of schedule in production. Good work, Frances.

• They haven’t even kissed yet but Kish already has an interloper: The coveted gay role that World Turns’ Agim Kaba (ex-Aaron) and Nicholas Galbraith (ex-Zac) were up for has been given to Broadway actor Nicholas Rodriguez (Tarzan).

• Maybe One Life’s casting department is smartening up: Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the oh-so-handsome Michael Lowry (ex-Jake, AMC) joins One Life as Ross on a recurring basis in the role Shawn Christian (Daniel, DAYS) originated.

• Todd’s worst nightmare is a reality: Next week, Starr and Cole plan their wedding. Yikes.

The Young and the Restless, Global/CBS — MTS: out or in?
• So not to confuse viewers with his father, Phillip Chancellor III, John Driscoll’s Phillip Chancellor IV will be called “Chance.”

• In this week’s issue, Soap Opera Weekly is reporting exactly what The Suds Report revealed a few weeks back — Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) has hit an impasse with the CBS sudser during her contract negotiations. Her character has already been written out, but should MTS and Y&R reach an agreement, Nikki can easily be written back in. However, according to TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan’s sources, MTS is still working “on her own terms.” Several Y&R insiders inform The Suds Report that that intel is “not true. MTS isn’t dictating anything at this point — and her character will be written out even if it’s just for a few weeks.”

• Last week, Suds speculated that Mac may be recast, but I’ve since learned that it’s another major role. Please don’t recast Vail Bloom (Heather) — I finally like the bitch!

• So how did Michael Muhney do as nuAdam on his first episode as the most-talked-about recast in Y&R history? Perfect. The oh-so-impressive Muhney was right on the, um, money — and it’s clear we’re dealing with a real actor here. And he looks much younger than his photos — which is a good thing. Check out Monday’s Nelson Ratings for a more intensive review.

• All that drama for nothing? Next week, Sharon finds out that Nick is the father of her unborn baby, but she “selflessly” lies to him so he can be with Phyllis and a hospitalized Summer. How nice.

• The Suds Report will be tweeting live during Y&R’s Canadian episode each day! Well, if we’re not on a date with Chris Engen (ex-Adam), that is.

SOAP OPERA MYSTERY HOUR: This week’s hottest blind items
—Which east-coast soap veteran star, who just returned to the show recently, is upset he is no longer the focus of the show?

—Which starlet is being called the Joan Rivers of daytime?

—Which soap opera is in the middle of a nuclear meltdown? That’s all I can say.

—Which soap vet took Ryan Phillippe’s virginity when he starred on One Life?




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