Cospas-Sarsat Handbook of 406 MHz Beacon Regulations
(C/S S.007)

Document C/S S.007 provides information concerning:

  • the status of 406 MHz beacon regulations in specific countries;
  • points of contact for beacon registration matters in various countries; and
  • extracts of some international regulations pertaining to 406 MHz beacons.

The document is available for downloading.


 C/S Ref.
Document Title
S.007 Handbook of Regulations on 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz Beacons

August 2008

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  • Copies of beacon registration forms for some countries are available at the Secretariat upon request.
  • Satellite processing of 121.5 MHz emissions ceased on 1 February 2009 [read more]. Document C/S S.007 will be updated accordingly.